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Taya Valkyrie comments on Kylie Rae and the term “Knockouts”

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie was asked about the ever so popular Kylie Rae. As a refresher, Rae appeared at IMPACT’s All Glory and Bound for Glory events just a couple of weeks ago.

At this time there has been no announcement that Rae has joined the Knockouts division with the company. With that being said, it was only appropriate to get the longest-reigning champion’s opinion.

“I’ve had the chance to wrestle her prior and I think she is extremely talented and would bring something different to our Knockouts Division,” said Valkyrie. “I am more than happy to humiliate her over and over again and have her go after me for the Knockouts Title.”

Credit: IMPACT

Speaking of the term, “Knockouts,” there have been some rumblings on the women of IMPACT possibly disposing of that term. Although there has been no official word from IMPACT on this change, it is merely just a rumor and talks amongst fans. The idea is that the term “Knockouts” can be seen as degrading.

This idea parallels with WWE when they removed their “Diva” term back in 2016. The removal of this term by WWE integrated the women in with the men thus recognizing them as simply, “Superstars.”

Credit: IMPACT

Valkryie said the following in regards to this thought process.

“I’ve actually been asked this a lot recently. I personally believe that when I wanted to become a wrestler and I looked at the Knockouts, I didn’t think of them as being meek or feeble,” said Valkyrie. “I looked up to them because of what it represented and what they were as women’s wrestlers.

“I consider being called a Knockout in 2019-20 as a privilege because of all of the women that came before me. I never look at it as being demeaning or thinking it needs to be changed. Although people will disagree with me, I believe we are special and are as equally as strong, talented and creative as the men.”

She also added that the current Knockouts division is an evolution of what the Knockouts that came before them.

What are your thoughts on what Valkyrie had to say and the term “Knockouts?” Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the interview and the transcripts.

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