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Tegan Nox Earns NXT Women’s Title Shot; Nia Jax Has In-Ring Return

In case you missed this week’s Raw, here is what happened.

WWE remembered that they have other women on the roster, and this includes Tegan Nox. So she dusted off the Shiniest Wizard and had a backstage segment with the NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Lynch tells Nox that when she made the open challenge last week she was expecting Nox to answer it, mot Natalya. Lynch says she saw Nox at the curtain ready to go and wonders what happened. Nox says Natalya was at the curtain also and being the veteran that she is, Nox let her jump ahead.

Lynch shook up Nox by telling her she has to step up and claim her worth. She says that she has a big match at No Mercy (against Tiffany Stratton) this Saturday but afterwards she wants Tegan to be her next opponent.

Shortly later, we see Nox with Adam Pearce. Natalya interrupts and says she wants a rematch from her loss last week against Lynch. Nox says she had her chance and now it is hers. Nox gets fired up from the talk she had with Lynch to claim her spot. Pearce says he just can’t hand out the title shot but he books Nox vs. Natalya later in the night. Winner will face Lynch or Stratton after No Mercy.

The match between the two was short and had Lynch on commentary. Lynch was hyping up Nox during the bout. Nox put Natalya away with the Shiniest Wizard.

It is confirmed that Nox will face either Lynch or Stratton next Monday for the NXT Women’s Title.

Later in the night we hear from Nia Jax.

Jax talks about how since her return she has squashed the women’s division including the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. One of the women Jax took out last week, Zoey Stark, to which entered the ring and would get right up in Jax’s face.

This led to a match between the two making this as Jax’s first match since her return. This was another short match but there was an exciting spot where Stark attempted to lift Jax up but was unable to sustain the lift as Jax fell on top of her. Jax would win the match.

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