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Ten things to help AEW’s Women’s Division

As a fan of AEW, one of my biggest gripes with the company has been its delivery of their women’s division. So far it felt lost and confused with little direction and purpose. The division could and should be so much more. They have the talent, the passion and the energy, however, something just hasn’t felt right from the start. AEW promised to “change the world” by promoting “a strong female division with the best talent in the world.” But they just haven’t lived up to it.

The problem has resulted in a number of AEW staff coming out to address the criticism rightfully placed toward the company. Cody recently said on a conference call that he wants AEW’s men’s and women’s world singles titles and tag titles are, “respected at the same level.” The EVP also addressed the lack of screen time given to the women’s division stating that there will be “more women’s representation on Dynamite but not just in match form, in VTR, in interview, in vignette form.”

More recently Kenny Omega addressed the criticism on Wrestling Observer Radio, “I want the women to have the largest stage possible on Dynamite and Dark. I’m fighting for it every week for them to have more time.” Omega stated further that “at the end of the day, there’s only so much time in an episode. It’s almost amazing how fast it gets eaten up. We haven’t been able to focus on women as much as I’d like.” Omega continued to add that “as soon as we have a women’s tag division, that will balance (things) more and give the women more of a stage.”

The company know they are not giving the women a fair share of the show and aware of the criticism it has garnered. Yet there doesn’t seem to have been any effort to improve the situation.

So I have racked my brain and come up with 10 ideas that, I believe, would help fix its ways. Take a look and let us know if you agree, disagree or have some ideas I haven’t thought of.

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