Sunday, December 4, 2022

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That Michelle McCool, She’s So Heinous!

Stop the presses! We have breaking news: Michelle McCool is *gasp* the evil, lecherous witch you all thought she was! Here she is doing the unthinkable… slapping a fan?!

Oh wait… except she’s not. This, my friends, is the latest Internet meme and hate propaganda being used against the Women’s Champion. Just this past week I was reading an article [for class, not for shits & giggles] on how right wing Republicans scoured the interwebz high & low earlier this year looking for dirt on then would-be Supreme Court electorate Sonia Sotomayor. Something so scandalous that it would overshadow Obama picking her for such an important job. Case in point being, I guess Michelle should be flattered someone thought she was ~srs bsns~ enough to constitute similar hawk-eyed attention. And just like the Sotomayor case, the whole drama has been taken out of context; so while the video [and proceeding ‘news articles’] may be titled: “Michelle McCool Slaps Fan,” the context in which it took place is vastly different from the juicy headline. Oh Internet fans, how you make me lulz so.

Michelle, I am shocked I tells you. Shocked to my very core. How could you?!

Diva Dirt in no way condones violence, but if you too, would like to be struck by the hand of McCool [ha] we have the next best thing. Michelle put pen to paper 8×10 for our Diva Dirt Gives Back charity drive. Click here to bid.

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