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The Bash 2009 Predictions From Diva Dirt


The WWE Divas finally return to pay per view tonight and what a comeback match we have; SmackDown’s Women’s Champion Melina defends for the very first time against Michelle McCool. Neither Diva is a stranger to The Bash, though they’ve had varying degrees of luck at the event. Melina competed for the Women’s Title in 2007, in a losing effort to Candice Michelle. Meanwhile, Michelle McCool became the first ever Divas Champion at last year’s show. Can lightning strike twice?

Our Diva Dirt writers weigh in:

Erin: If Michelle wins, she becomes the WWE’s first-ever Diva double champ (yeah, sorry about lagging on that Diva Dirt feature, by the way, dear readers), so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Is the WWE ready to crown a double champ? I’m sure the higher-ups haven’t even given the “double champion” thing a thought, which is why I don’t think that when Michelle wins, they’ll do much more than mention the mere fact. I feel that it’s Michelle’s time to take the Women’s Championship and run with it. Melina’s done well on SmackDown, but a babyface with a championship is almost like a swimmer treading water – there’s not much to do than thwart the heel’s attempts over and over. Most agree that a babyface is better in the “chase” position (Exhibit A – Trish Stratus), so if the WWE wants to get some legs out of this Michelle/Melina feud, it’d be best to give Michelle the title and let Melina chase for a while. Even if Michelle, with her newly-won title, moves on to different feud, it’s beneficial for SmackDown in its new position as the “show to watch” to keep things fresh and new. A heel champ should spice things up a bit, if only a little. Melina can survive without the title – she’s popular enough – so it only makes sense to let someone else shine…

Melanie: First of all, the uprising against Michelle becoming the first ever Divas & Women’s Champion is ridiculous. I don’t really care who the first ever double champion is to be honest, it’s only a bragging right. To me, it’s a storyline device and nothing more and I liken the situation to when Santino won the ‘Miss WrestleMania’ title, it was a storyline device. I was upset about that, but now I’m ‘older and wiser’ shall we say lol and can see what WWE will be looking for in it’s first Divas & Women’s Champion — not much. It’ll be a storyline device and not neccessarily for the ‘Diva who has deserved it most’, as most people seem to think Michelle doesn’t deserve it over Mickie James. As a heel, Michelle needs to be bragadocious and this is the perfect storyline device to do it, by getting bragging rights on being the first ever double champion. It’s Michelle all the way on this one. There’s more to be done in terms of storyline with Michelle as a boastful champion and Melina as an underdog chasing the title.

Steven: As I said in my audio bulletin, I really think that Michelle McCool has this match in the bag. I normally would have bet against her being that she won on SmackDown this past Friday, but WWE has really shoving the whole ‘Michelle as double champion’ thing down our throat as of late. I feel WWE is trying to make Michelle the new face of the Divas division and this is the perfect opportunity. Expect McCool to come out of The Bash as Champ and a ‘Michelle McCool haters’ rally to ensue afterwards.

Tiffany: I’m almost confident that Michelle will be taking this one.  It’s been made very clear that WWE intends to have Michelle snatch the accolade of “firstst ever Diva to hold both titles.”  She already has the bragging rights of being the first Divas Champion, which is a testament to WWE’s confidence in her.  Melina has been champion since January, and it has sadly become apparent that WWE does not feel obligated to feature the Divas on PPV unless it’s for some kind of purpose.  At the last PPV, Melina won her title, and I think she will be dropping it at this one.  Most would interpret McCool’s win over Melina on SmackDown as an automatic win for the current champion, but I think it is important to recognize just how strongly Michelle has been pushed in preparation for her next title run.  Michelle has been picking her spots and has been dominating on Smackdown, and I don’t see why that momentum can’t follow her into The Bash.  I think, in Michelle, we’re looking at our next Women’s Champion.

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