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The IInspiration say they are the perfect fit for IMPACT! Wrestling

The IInspiration made an instant impact when debuted at Bound for Glory last month.

In their first-ever match for IMPACT! Wrestling the Aussie duo defeated Decay for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

The Iinspiration in Impact! Wrestling

Speaking on the Wrestling Daily podcast Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay revealed why IMPACT! Wrestling is the perfect place for them.

Lee stated:

“I feel like it was a perfect fit for us or not to toot our own horn but we’ve had many options and what it came down to Jess and I just felt like we just fit perfectly with IMPACT in the knockouts division they just use their talents so incredibly well and the women are just you know put on a pedestal which they should be they’re so good and I just feel like we slipped right on in you know became not hesitating champs did the damn thing and you know, [we fit in IMPACT] like a missing puzzle piece.”

McKay added:

“We found a home because that’s how it really felt. We wanted it to feel like the best decision and it really did, it fits so well. We were so happy. We’re just incredibly grateful to be part of IMPACT and The Knockouts Division I’m super stoked. That’s all I have to say.”

McKay and Lee are set for a second match in ther new wrestling home against the Decay. Rosemary and Havock have challenged the champs to a rematch at Turning Point on November 20th.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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