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The Influence Fire Kaleb; Purrazzo Goes 7-0

The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) are officially down their photographer as Kaleb with a K has been let go. On this week’s BTI, Madison Rayne took on Jessie McKay, and even though she was able to pull out the win, the tag team champs feel as though they had to let Kaleb go.

Kaleb has been put into a rather tough situation as often times he has been fraternizing with The IInspiration. There are even concerns from The Influence if Kaleb meant to help them win the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. Conspiracy suggests that he really meant to slide the belt to Cassie Lee to use as a weapon to help The IInspiration retain at Sacrifice instead of Dashwood who won the belts for The Influence.

Throughout the match between Rayne and McKay, Kaleb was regulated to sit on a chair at ringside. McKay inadvertently hit the referee with a boot that was targeting Rayne which knocked him down. Both women hit a clothesline on each other.

Dashwood motions Kaleb to take advantage of the situation and take the chair he has been sitting on and slide it into the ring to help Rayne. Lee joins the conversation and tries to convince him to slide the chair in to help McKay. The chair lands between both women. They play tug of war before Rayne throws the weapon out of the ring. Rayne lands McKay face-first into the mat as the referee comes to in order to give the count of three.

After the match, Kaleb is promptly fired by The Influence. He tries to comfort The IInspiration and show he is loyal to them now but McKay slaps him. Kaleb hops on the mic to announce his displeasure saying he can find other girls before W. Morrissey comes out and powerbomb him through a table. This was Kaleb’s exit from IMPACT.

Later in the night, Rayne was speaking with Dashwood on the phone as she ran into Gisele Shaw. Shaw says she was sorry for The Influence’s loss as she doesn’t believe they should have gotten rid of Kaleb. Rayne confirms they will be just fine without him before Shaw responds, “we’ll see about that.”

It was announced on commentary that The IInspiration will be getting their rematch against The Influence for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles at Rebellion one week from Saturday.

Also at Rebellion, Tasha Steelz will be defending her Knockouts World Championship against Rosemary. Rosemary won a Battle Royal to earn this number one contenders opportunity. Steelz was being interviewed backstage as she says she will be ready for the mind games that Rosemary will end up playing with her. Decay shows up on the television monitors and Rosemary says they have a flavor for Tasha too. It tastes of her own Deacy.

Mickie James and Chelsea Green get into a short brawl backstage as the two are coming off of an intergender match at Multiverse of Matches alongside their respective husbands. Gia Miller asks James how she feels after some resolution with Green. James says it is far from over between the two of them before Green says she doesn’t need a damn person to kick her ass. The two start to brawl as Matt Cardona shows up to hold James back so that Green can hit her in the face with her cast.

James is left laid out as the segment ends.

Lastly, Deonna Purrazzo is officially 7-0 with her Champ Champ challenges. As both the ROH Women’s World Champion along with the AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, Purrazzo has been holding open challenges with either or both titles on the line. She has an upcoming fight with Taya Valkyrie for the AAA Title at Rebellion but she held another open challenge that was accepted by Willow Nightingale.

The two would put on a solid match that had the crowd behind Willow, but ultimately Purrazzo would retain after locking in Venus Di Milo.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the Knockouts of IMPACT!

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