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The Riott Squad Revitalization and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Division

When The Riott Squad first appeared as a team on WWE programming in 2017, many fans were wondering how this team could co exist.  There were three women, all whom stand out in their own way, that had one goal in mind, and that was to dominate. 

Their dominance was felt at first, and while other teams were able to succeed The Riott Squad looked to have been getting left behind.  The group started out hot but after a series of losses, they were losing their steam.  Its leader Ruby Riott would later be on the injured reserve list, and then the WWE draft would ultimately split up the group with Liv Morgan going to Smackdown.

Photo: WWE

Afterwards, it was unfortunate of what was so promising ended up getting the short end of the stick, especially when it came to the Women’s Tag Team Division.  Arguably The Riott Squad could be considered a shoe in as contenders for the Championships.  They worked in numbers as their strategy that was executed with ease.  The Riott Squad was there to cause a scene and were a force to be reckoned with.

Earlier this year though, the promise of reuniting of Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan was on the horizon.  Their paths would cross after the Royal Rumble followed with facing each other inside of the Elimination Chamber the following month.  It was just the start of what could be a beautiful comeback story for The Riott Squad.

It was indeed perplexing that the ladies were crossing paths throughout the year apart from Sarah Logan, who was released but has since announced her pregnancy.  The remaining two Riott Squad members soon found themselves reuniting this past summer and taking on a new journey, one that is better late than never.

Now with their eyes on the prize with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, The Riott Squad has new purpose.  They are refreshed and ready to take the throne in the Women’s tag team division.  The Riott Squad has been consistent and enjoyable in their performances during their matches.  They’re driven and hungry for success more than ever.

Photo: WWE

The road to the Women’s Tag Team Championships won’t come easy.  When the Champions are Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, The Riott Squad has quite the task to dethrone the ladies.  The flaw with Jax and Baszler is that they do not get along. 

Their obvious dissonance has already proven to be a weak point.  That dissonance costed Baszler a loss against The Riott Squad this past Monday on Raw, which is a pretty big deal considering their loss record.

Photo: WWE

Ironically enough, Logan’s last match before her release was with Baszler, who decimated her arm in horrifying fashion. In a way, it is like sweet revenge for Riott and Morgan.

It’s not that The Riott Squad can’t defeat Jax and Baszler.  Stroke of luck or not, Riott and Morgan have to stay on their A game, and be on the attack.  The IIconics exposed The Riott Squad’s weakness at Payback in an attempt to break the group up.  The ladies can’t allow Jax and Baszler to get into their heads this time.

After a string of ups and downs for The Riott Squad, Riott and Morgan look to make this revitalization count.  Whether or not they will be crowned Women’s Tag Team Champions at Clash of Champions is yet to be seen.  What fans have seen, is a team who’s earning well deserved success.  The Riott Squad is here to stay, and that is a good thing.

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