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The Round-Up: July 07 – July 13, 2008


Get this week’s Diva news rounded up… with commentary! This week we discuss Ashley, the new Knockout Champion, the Bash and more!

Ashley going, going, gone
WWE officially announced the release of Ashley Massaro this week on Ashley initially wrote on her MySpace last week that she had asked for her release due to her daughter being severely ill. The “dirty diva” hadn’t been seen on WWE television since May, when the infamous escort scandal broke.

Doug: I was a little taken back by this at first. This is definitely news you don’t expect to hear in the WWE. Although I’m not Ashley’s biggest fan, I do wish her daughter well.
Erin: I have to be honest.. I thought the MySpace post was fake. It seemed too crazy to be true. I guess part of me wanted it to not be true, since the whole “sick daughter” thing seemed so awful. I didn’t want it to be true, for her sake. But, now that it’s true, I can’t help but feel kind of relieved. She was never my favorite Diva, and as terrible as her situation is and as much as I hope that everything turns out okay for her, she was definitely taking up space that a more talented Diva could use.
Melanie: Whatever the weather, I’m glad she’s gone and it was a cathartic feeling seeing WWE wish her well in her future endeavors. Someone has commented just today to let us know that Ash changed the part about a ‘sick daughter’ in her MySpace blog to ‘sick relative’, if that’s the case wow Ashley, you stoop to new lows. I thought it was somewhat heroic when she first made the announcement, I truly wished her the best but what does it say when the girl is so cowardly that she has to go back and change it? Have some conviction in what you’re writing and what you’re doing. If I was writing that about my son, I’d put all my energy into what I was doing and truly stand by my words, Ashley on the other hand – it says it all really. There are rumours that this could be a cover-up and that Ash simply wanted to leave before she was fired because there was a strong chance of her being released on WWE’s terms. Coward.

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Moose breaks a leg
Up and coming TNA Knockout, Moose broke her leg last weekend at an IWA-MS house show. Moose had been in the middle of receiving a big push from TNA.

Doug: This was grueling to watch. Moose definitely has potential, and it’s a shame to see this happen. It is great to hear that the break was clean, and she’ll be back. I’m really anticipating her return. She isn’t the typical “beauty” that major wrestling corporations choose, which makes her interesting to watch.
Erin: Why does it always seem that people get injured just as they’re getting a big push? Candice? Beth? Melina? Their timing sucks. :P Anyways, it seems like she could heal pretty soon, since it was a clean break, so that’s good. Hopefully she’ll be back in the mix soon.
Melanie: Mickie Moose was in the middle of a huge push which makes this really saddening. Turns out Mickie wasn’t happy that footage of her accident turned up online and so let me apologise to Mickie for posting it here at Diva Dirt. Once again, our best wishes!

Wilde ‘N Out
TNA crowned a new Knockout Champion on Impact, Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong to win the title. The newbie signed a contract with TNA just one month ago. She has since been involved in the Kong challenge storyline.

Doug: Definitely not expected, and in a lot of minds, not fair. I’ve previously expressed that I’m somewhat happy with this. It gives other women a better chance at getting the belt. If Taylor retains the belt a Victory Road, then I see the likes of Gail Kim or Angelina snagging the title soon. I see Gail Kim potentially getting it, because she’ll do whatever it takes to get her hands on Gold again. I see Angelina Love getting the belt from Taylor as well, because 1.) “The Beautiful People” are easily intimidated, and 2.) Angelina is the most experienced of “The Beautiful People”.
Erin: I loved Shantelle in SHIMMER, but I haven’t yet seen her in TNA. She supposedly has changed her look a great deal, so I’m kinda disappointed that she felt the need to do that, to conform to the “look”. But whatever.. She’s still a great wrestler, so I’m happy for her.. Hopefully she won’t get the “Gail Kim” curse, winning the title right away and then not doing much else afterwards. Such a shotgun decision seems risky.
Melanie: I think this is too much too soon. I definitely see the ‘Gail Kim curse’ coming into play, I don’t see Taylor getting over as champion. Hopefully she’s a transitional champ and drops the title to Gail soon. How’s that for irony? It was 5 years ago Gail had to drop her title to Molly for that reason. Now Gail is the one who’s ready and over as a champion.

SmackDown Divas represent
The Divas of Friday Night SmackDown will finally be returning to pay per view! The Divas Championship will be decided at the Great American Bash when Michelle McCool faces Natalya. Who will be the first Divas Champ?

Doug: As much as I dislike Michelle, and love Natalya, I definitely see Michelle taking home the bacon. Michelle is currently focused on getting the title, while Natalya is just focused on “hearing Michelle scream”. Trust me, the “all-American diva” will be the first lady to taste SmackDown gold.
Erin: I think they may give it to Natalya, just to have Michelle chase her. The WWE seems to like their babyfaces when they’re chasing the title, much like Trish did so many years ago. I can definitely see Michelle chasing Natalya in a sort of underdog role before *triumphantly* winning it at Summerslam. Hopefully they have a great match – it’s about time SD’s Divas were represented on PPV.
Melanie: I love both of these Divas, when I relaunched Diva Dirt back in March, I was not a fan of Michelle at all. She’s won me over with her hard work, she’s truly become a great wrestler and I respect her work ethic. This is going to be a fantastic match, I’ve been anticipating for so long. I do have a theory and it is similar to Erin’s but I won’t reveal it till next week when we write our tip sheet for GAB.

TNA’s ‘Bash’ equivalent
Interestingly, both TNA and WWE are holding patriotic themed pay per views this month. TNA’s Victory Road airs live tonight and will feature a rematch for the Knockout Championship between Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde. The other Knockout match will be Gail Kim vs Angelina Love of the Beautiful People.

Doug: I see Taylor retaining. Kong has been champion for some time now, and its’ time to get a new belt-warmer. Do I see Taylor keeping the title for a long time? No. One of the other Knockouts will snag the belt, and end Taylor’s reign (See Above).
Erin: Two Knockout matches? The WWE could learn a thing or two. I think they were going that route with Beth/Melina, but since Melina got injured and Beth dropped off the face of the earth, that ship sailed. As long as they don’t rush the matches, both of them could turn out great.. I think I’ve become paranoid after watching the WWE for so many years. It’s like if something good happens, Diva-wise, it’s destined to come back and bite us on the ass.
Melanie: Erin, TNA has had a lot of two Knockout matches on the card before =P I think the Angelina-Gail match could really be a great match. I really hope Gail puts over Ang and establishes her as a top star, a career could be made tonight.

Divas dropped
The WWE Divas have been dropped from Danity Kane’s upcoming ‘Bad Girl’ music video. Divas Kelly Kelly, Layla, Maria, Melina and Mickie James were set to appear.

Doug: Not a big concern of mine. We’ve already seen Layla and Kelly in a music video, so I’m tied over for now.
Erin: I’ve never really heard a Danity Kane song, so it’s not like I’m some big fan or something, but that would have been cool to see. Why were they dropped? Eh, whatever.. No need for the Diva “ho” image to be spread even farther. Just let their matches do the talking, I say. I’d rather people be impressed by them kicking each other’s asses than see them dressed ridiculously in a stupid music video. If LiveJournal is any indication, most non-wrestling fans tend to think that if a Diva isn’t a complete messy whore, she’s got a dick. Screw media exposure if that’s all people are going to get out of it.
Melanie: I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I would have loved to see it happen but at the same time, I’m not really too fussed that it’s not happening. ‘Bad Girl’ is a fantastic song and the video is going to be hot!

Torrie for President… Er, Champion
It was revealed this week that the Divas Championship was originally intended to be launched in 2007, with Torrie Wilson competing and possibly being the first Divas Champion. Torrie retired in May.

Doug: This is the most upsetting news I’ve heard in a while. Torrie was with the company for 7 years, and has deserved title shots for 6 of them. WWE never gave Torrie the push she deserved, and when they finally do, she gets injured. Let’s at least hope Victoria, an original “Diva” like Torrie, gets the chance to wear the belt before her career-end.
Erin: I remember hearing rumbling about a SD Divas Title back when Torrie won every single match she was in. Back in 2003/2004, I think. Back then, I didn’t much care for her – she had a ridiculous push that I didn’t feel was deserved. :P If that happened then, I would’ve said “NO WAY”. But if this took place in more recent years, I’d be more open to the idea. Torrie was handled better later on, as she wasn’t “invincible” and actually lost matches. I’ve grown to like her more since then, obviously. :P
Melanie: *Sigh* this is saddening, as if it wasn’t bad enough the Divas Championship is launching after Torrie leaves. Torrie is arguably the #1 Diva in the history of SmackDown, no other Diva has had quite the relationship with that show that she had. This is really just another case of WWE not pulling through for Torrie, they build her up so much but then never take her to the next level. The Women’s Championship and now Divas Championship have alluded her, her entire career. It’s sad.

Holla holla, all the Kellys in the club say ‘Raw’
Kelly Kelly moved to Raw during this week’s Monday night broadcast. Kelly joins her former ECW friend and foe, Layla as the newest Divas on the brand. Kelly’s move is attributed to the lack of faces on Raw at the moment.

Doug: I would rather see Kelly Kelly working on Friday Night’s, but I do think being on Raw is better than being on ECW. Since all of Raw’s baby-faces are “absent”, I hope that Kelly can fit nicely in the equation. She’s definitely worked hard enough, and maybe Raw is the place where she’ll be able to shine.
Erin:What does that say about the Divas when one can just show up on a show and magically be on the brand? Sigh.. I’m not much of a Kelly fan, so I was satisfied to have her relegated to a show I never watched. Now I’ll have to actually work to avoid her. :P No, no.. She’s not that bad, but I still don’t like her much. She’s not a good wrestler, sells awkwardly, and can’t act worth a lick. There are many, MANY more qualified girls that I’d rather see in her place on RAW. Sure, if she just jobs, that’s okay. But still, I’m sure there’s someone more talented out there that can count the ceiling lights in her place.
Melanie: Erin, forget the Divas… what does it say about the freakin’ Draft, moving someone with barely an explanation two weeks after the Draft? I’m just glad to see Layla and Kelly both off ECW. People on message boards are all like ‘Oh my god, ECW lost it’s Divas’ well I don’t think ECW needs any Divas anyway and I’m glad to see them off that brand. There’s only so much a girl can do on ECW, Kelly and Layla both outgrew ECW. It’s a one hour show, they’re not going to get over. I would have preferred Kelly on SmackDown where she could really be a viable contender for the Divas Championship come WrestleMania time – I think she can only continue to improve and I have a sneaky feeling she’ll be our 2009 Playboy covergirl. She could have been the exception, a combination of the Playboy push and being a good wrestler and she could have made a ‘WrestleMania moment’ by winning the Divas title at ‘Mania. I don’t see her going far on Raw, to be honest.

Television Thoughts

Monday Night Raw
Mickie James & Kelly Kelly def. Jillian and Layla. Kelly pinned Jillian.

Doug: I was happy to see Kelly Kelly pull out a victory in her debut match (and not Mickie, for once), but at the same time, I was extremely disappointed to see Jillian lose. I would have been more satisfied if Jillian won, despite my favor of Kelly Kelly.
Erin: I didn’t see the show. :X My nephew was home, and I think I was watching Rounders or something when Raw was on. From my dad’s retelling of it, though, Jillian oversold some kick awkwardly and Kelly tried and failed to do the “dumb blonde” routine. Sigh.. I can’t wait until Melina comes back, quite frankly. :P
Melanie: Didn’t like this match to be honest. I was rather perturbed at the selling of Kelly and barely a mention of Layla too.

Friday Night SmackDown
Natalya & Maryse def. Michelle McCool and Cherry. Natalya made Cherry tap with the sharpshooter. Afterwards, Natalya attacked Michelle and hit her with a snap suplex on the outside.

Doug: A decent match overall. Maryse and Cherry both had (oddly) good showings. I think the attack on Michelle from Natalya was the perfect way to parallel park into the Great American Bash title match this Sunday.
Erin: Pretty quick match, but I love Natalya’s new look. It sets her apart. :D Her sharpshooter was great too, much better than Trish had done back in the day. I really like Natalya and Michelle, so I’m anxious to see what they do at the Bash. I never thought I’d be more entertained by SD than Raw. :O Wonders will never cease..
Melanie: A short but fine match. It served more of a purpose than just ‘filling the Divas match quota’ in setting up the GAB match. Like Erin, I’m far more entertained by SmackDown and look forward to it.

TNA Impact
Taylor Wilde def. Awesome Kong to become the new Knockout Champion.
AJ Styles, Gail Kim and ODB def. Kurt Angle and the Beautiful People in the main event.

Doug: I really enjoyed Impact this week. all the Knockouts had a great showing throughout. My thoughts on Taylor’s win are expressed above.
The main event was pretty well planned out. It’s great to see the women pull out a victory in a mixed tag contest for a change. I am always disappointed when Kim Chi Gail Kim wins with that pathetic neckbreaker though. There’s just never a fairy-tale wrestling ended when she wins. Overall though, it was a good match, no denying. It definitely sets off a good story for the Gail vs. Angelina match at Victory Road tonight.
Erin: Still haven’t seen the match, but like I said before, I loved Shanetlle in the indies. Hopefully she’s just as good in TNA as she was back then.. The main event sounds interesting, though. I used to love those matches where Trish and Lita would main event with the big-time Superstars. That added a lot of importance to their feud, so hopefully this does the same thing for theirs.
Melanie: I haven’t seen either match other than a little recap courtesy of TNA on YouTube. I guess I should go and check that out, huh? Like Erin, I love the idea of Knockouts in the main event. Putting them with the top stars in the company adds importance to them – but I fear TNA may have had an ulterior motive: ratings. They probably put the Knockouts (who draw the highest ratings week on week) with Angle and AJ Styles in the main event to save face and be able to say, “Look our main eventers draw ratings.” It’s really funny that the Knockouts draw more ratings than Kurt Angle…

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