Friday, March 1, 2024

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The Times, They Are A-Changin’..

Do we have a possible new favorite photoshoot subject? Take a look at this shoot, and you be the judge. At first glance, it’s quite obvious that Alicia Fox was going for a hippy look in her new photoshoot, “Camo for the Camera”. With the braids that double as a headwrap, shaggy boots, cutoff denim skirt, and plethora of earth tones, she might as well have a giant peace sign painted on her face. Though the camouflage vest kind of goes against that look (the military and the hippies didn’t get along so well, if I recall correctly), it’s pretty cute altogether. And I must say I appreciate the fact that she’s not going all Miley Cyrus/MySpace girl on us and flashing a peace sign in every photo. Alicia is slowly building up an impressive series of photoshoots – perhaps one day she could be one of the top photoshoot gals – but I do think she needs to mix it up a bit. She’s always looking so “cute”, and it’d be nice to see her show a little range and deviate from that a bit. But for now, I’m satisfied with wanting to put her in my pocket.

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