Thursday, December 7, 2023

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The Winner Takes It All…

A coinkidink considering I just saw Mamma Mia! at the weekend? I think not! For those who are late to the party, last night on Raw we found out that there would be a mixed (or is it intergender?) tag team match at SummerSlam for both the Intercontinental and Women’s Championships. Could you imagine Santino’s rendition of The Winner Takes It All if he and Beth Phoenix were to defeat Kofi Kingston and Mickie James? Something tells me it won’t be quite as appealing as Oscar-winner, Meryl Streep’s take…

Anyhoo, this match goes down in just two weeks and has already left many fans divided. I, for one, am totally against this idea. I think it’s stupid and I am certainly not checkin’ for Beth vs Mickie Part 215465. I was hoping we’d see Katie Lea vs Mickie at the pay per view but they wasted that last night; more on that in the Raw Redux. This match harkens back to the 2000 edition of SummerSlam, when Val Venis and Trish Stratus teamed up against Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, in an Intercontinental Championship match, just thought I’d throw in some trivia!

What do you think of our SummerSlam Divas offering?

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