Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Candice Michelle is a Knockout

No, it’s not a TNA reference, but Candice‘s new photoshoot “Knockout” may indicate that she’s on her way back to the WWE. That’s not to say that I’m jumping up and down at the thought, because RAW and SmackDown have gotten along pretty well without her. I’m willing to give her a shot, of course, but this, like her last photoshoot, has not impressed me at all. I like her outfit, but not in the way it’s presented. The delicate top paired with a knuckle ring and a load of steel pipes in the background just doesn’t mesh. Not to mention, the fact that ring is presented as “brass knuckles” in a few pictures just makes her look ridiculous. It’s not sexy or intimidating. The photoshoot as a whole isn’t terrible by any means.. It’s just not put together well.


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