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The WrestleMania 36 Battle With Mandy Rose in the Center

One of the most anticipated matches for WrestleMania 36 is Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler.  And while she’s not actually in this match, Mandy Rose has a huge role that could decide the fate of this building love story.

The last several months saw Otis trying to win over Mandy Rose, but many of his attempts have been thwarted by Ziggler.  Of course, it all works in Ziggler’s favor, as he eventually won over Mandy Rose, and now the two are seemingly dating.

Fast forward to this week on the matter. Much to Otis’ chagrin, he’s been brokenhearted by the events and perhaps this storyline could culminate this weekend.  However, with Mandy Rose in the middle of this feud she could make or break this match and overall feud.  A feel good moment where nice guys do win would surely put a smile on many WWE fans’ faces, as in what if Mandy Rose turns on Dolph Ziggler?

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Many remember the love story between Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho back in 2003.  Jericho and tag team partner Christian infamously placed a bet of one Canadian dollar on who would get lucky with Stratus or Lita first.  Over time, Jericho seemed to have a change of heart, only to be betrayed by Stratus at WrestleMania XX. 

In what was no doubt an iconic moment, Stratus revealed that she and Christian was an item as the two made out on the WrestleMania stage with Jericho looking on in disbelief.

This author’s feelings are still hurt about that one.

Photo: WWE

Joking aside, Mandy Rose can easily go either way as Otis and Ziggler battle it out in the ring.  A twist similar to Stratus and Jericho could see Otis’ efforts rewarded at WrestleMania.  Either way, does Mandy Rose get involved somehow in this match, and she’s forced to make a choice?  Or does she end up choosing Ziggler all along?

The latter would be more of an wasted effort considering how so many fans are rooting for Otis.  Ziggler has been having the upper hand for way too long.  In addition, Ziggler holds the failed Valentine’s Day date over Otis’ head, as if he was Ziggler’s puppet.  That is what Ziggler looks to be doing, while he flaunts Mandy Rose like a prize all over social media.

This past week showed Mandy Rose having sympathy for Otis, talking to Ziggler about going over the line with egging Otis on with the Instagram pictures.  It is a question of could it be a show on Mandy Rose’s part, or is she really concerned about Otis’ well-being?  Otis has tried so hard the last several months, fans would love to see his persistence pay off. 

Photo: WWE

The Mandy Rose and Otis love story has been fun with fans clamoring for more.  But sweet love stories don’t last forever in WWE oftentimes.  With so much negativity going on right now perhaps seeing the two reunite a’la the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth scene at WrestleMania VII would be a nice touch.  Or are we going too far with that one?

We’ll know this weekend.

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