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Thunder Rosa advances to the semi-finals of the TBS Tournament; Britt Baker vs. Riho set for Rampage

Thunder Rosa defeated Jamie Hayter on this week’s AEW Dynamite to advance in the TBS Women’s Title Tournament.

Rosa headed into the match with a near perfect 29-1 record in her last 30 matches so the writing may have been on the wall for Hayter. However, with Rebel and the AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker at ringside for Hayter, anything could have happened and it did.

Credit: AEW

The action between Rosa and Hayter quickly spilled to the outside with both women getting some hits in but Hayter was firmly in control as they returned to the ring. Once Rosa went back on the offense and with the full crowd support behind her, she sent her opponent into the barricade on the outside multiple times. After a suplex at ringside, Rosa went for a crossbody off the apron but Hayter caught her and drove her spine first into the ring post.

When we came back from break the crowd was split, half chanting for Rosa while the other half chanting for Hayter. Rosa delivered a shotgun dropkick knocking Hayter across the ring into the corner. She added more damage to Hayter with a missle drop kick in the corner and went for a cover but only achieved a near fall.

Hayter was able to battle back with a backbreaker for a near fall of her own. She locked in a submission for only a few moments as Rosa fights out of it and goes for a Russian leg sweep that Hayter blocked. The two then traded blows.

The match reached its conclusion when there was miscommunication between Baker and Hayter. Rebel hopped up on the apron to distract the referee.

Rosa had Hayter in a submission but Baker entered the ring and pulled her off. The champion went to super kick Rosa and missed and nailed Hayter instead. Rosa threw Baker into Rebel which caused them both to roll out of the ring. Rosa countered Hayter’s last attempt and pinned her for the win. Great match.

Post match, Baker tried to reason with Hayter while Rebel tried to be the peacekeeper. Hayter pushed Baker and then made her exit.

Thunder Rosa will now face Jade Cargill in the semi-finals. The last quarter-finals match is Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statalander with the winner facing Nyla Rose in the second semi-finals match. Rose defeated Hikaru Shida last week. Soho battles Statlander next week on Dynamite.

Later in the night, Baker held a Friendsgiving where Tony Schiavone and Rebel were present. No Jamie Hayter. Baker started by apologizing for Thunder Rosa advancing because if she does become the first TBS Women’s Champion, Baker says the championship will be doomed for life.

Schiavone stated that he is thankful for friends such as Baker and Rebel but has some bad news.

He showed footage of the last time AEW was in Chicago when the Casino Battle Royale took place at All Out. He showed that Riho never was eliminated. So this Friday on Rampage, Riho will have a match with Dr. Britt Baker and if she wins, she earns a future championship opportunity.

AEW Battle of the Belts was also announced for January 8.

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