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Thunder Rosa retains the NWA Women’s World Championship

Last night’s episode of NWA Powerrr saw the NWA Women’s World Championship on the line in a rematch from the Hard Times PPV between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay.

Thunder Rosa defeated Kay at the PPV to become the NWA Women’s World Champion in an awesome and hard-hitting match.

Melina joined commentary at ringside for the match, which was interesting as Sean Mooney announced earlier that she had approached NWA management and demanded to be the next in line to challenge for the title. Melina would not talk throughout the match and only observe smugly from afar seemingly setting up an angle between the two allies.

The match featured some great mat wrestling, stiff strikes and close pinfalls as the two competitors put on another show-stealing affair.

Marti Belle would make an appearance at ringside, much to Rosa’s disdain but was intimidated away by Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox. Rosa would try to make the most of the distraction with a pin attempt on Kay but to no avail.

The action picked up once more after the warring factions left ringside for the commentary booth. Following some back and forth action Rosa would grab the pinfall with a smart roll-up in another hard-fought match.

Belle and Melina would applaud Rosa after her victory but something was not quite right and Rosa, seemingly disappointed by her partners took her exit without them as cracks begin to appear in the trio’s friendship.

Another great showing from both Kay and Thunder Rosa here. These two are the top tier of a new, exciting and fresh women’s division. Thunder Rosa with her unique look, legitimate badassery and consistently great performances has megastar written all over her and is the perfect person to drive the division into prominence. Kay is an established name that brings eyes to the division and as a veteran of the business, she is the best person for the young up-and-comers, such as, Marti Belle, Ashley Vox and Tasha Steelz to learn from. The future does certainly look bright for the NWA women’s division.

I find myself becoming more and more entertained by the NWA women’s division and eagerly sought it out on a Wednesday morning and therefore I intend on writing a lot more about NWA in the future.

What did you make of the match and would you like more NWA reviews? Let me know in the comments below.

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