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‘Timeline: History of WWE – 2001’ Starring Ivory Now Available on DVD

Our friends at Kayfabe Commentaries have released their new DVD, starring former WWE Women’s Champion Ivory (Lisa Moretti) today.

‘Timeline: History of WWE’ looks at a year in WWE with each DVD release as told by one of the wrestlers. Ivory looks at 2001 in WWE in this shoot-esque DVD.

More info below:

‘Timeline: The History of WWE’ Takes Us to 2001
The multi-volume series that seeks to create the real history of the world’s largest federation brings you another year to fill-in on your DVD shelf. This time we head to the eventful 2001 … a year filled with tragedy in New York City, the MTV launch of Tough Enough, lots of WWE stock activity. Oh, and Miss Kitty.

For this edition of the series we thought we’d give you a glimpse inside ‘the fed’ through the eyes of a lady wrestler, and one who would hold the Women’s Title. Lisa Moretti portrayed the “Ivory” character on WWE tv, and she’s just now begun to open up about the time she spent in that luminescent spotlight. And her tour through 2001 WWE is fascinating and informative.

Moretti addresses all the top guys, for good and bad, and also the top ladies. This was a time when the WWE was shifting their women wrestling from a competitive ‘fighter’ mentality to models-in-calendars, and Moretti fought it all the way. Hear about her blow-ups and how she handled herself with management and writers as she was training young hopefuls on MTV, and simultaneously getting chased out of the ring by Miss Kitty on another channel.

Moretti also takes us throught the post-9/11 Smackdown taping and everything that was 2001 in WWE!

Check it out HERE!!!

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