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TNA British Boot Camp 2 Write-Up: Episode 6, “Wrestling Matters”

Salutations British Boot Camp followers and welcome to week six of the competition.

After a pleasant luncheon with TNA President Dixie Carter and touring around the United States Capitol in a trendy RV, our final six contestants are getting back into business this week as they prepare themselves for what would be their biggest challenge of the competition thus far: a match against a TNA Superstar!

Part of this preparation includes preparing TNA’s own six sided ring; a task that the lone female finalist Kay Lee Ray is familiar with. As we’ve learned from Kay Lee Ray’s audition during week one, she learned from a very early age that part of paying your dues in this business is by completing tasks such as lifting boards to set up a ring for a show.

While this surely seems like a task that the final six would be able to comply to collectively, there of course has to be that one lazy class clown in the group that just causes mishaps for everyone else. In this case, who else is better to play the role of the bad apple than the one fellow who has been pretty much doing it since the start of the season: Grado! (I suddenly want to rename the show “Grado’s British Boot Camp)

For his troubles, Grado is bullied by his larger cast mates Dave Mastiff and Rampage Brown. The short tempered heavyweight duos take Grado down, tie his legs together with some cable and escort Grado to the men’s restroom and drop him onto a floor of urine. (Hey, at least it wasn’t a swirly Grado)

After that little fixed scenario and the Impact ring finally placed, it’s time for the training session. Being the same supple gentleman he is on TV, ECIII introduces himself to our constants and welcomes them to his playing field. Joining ECIII in our training session are DJ Z, British Boot Camp judge Al Snow, the greatest man that ever lived Austin Aries and fellow Britain man Magnus.

The first piece of advice given to our contestants is the awareness of a new ring they will be performing in. The reputation of the stiffer ropes and extra corners from the six sides soon becomes a task for Mark Andrews who starts things off with Austin Aries. Aside from being a bit timid, Mark Andrews impresses for his performance in wrestling ring that is new to him.

Up next is Noam Dar with DJ Z and the biggest adjustment Noam Dar seems to have is keeping up with the speed that is needed for these harder ropes. Al Snow advices Noam Dar to try keep his sturdy to prevent his head from whip lashing when running the ropes.

Also taking a trial with DJ Z is Kay Lee Ray, who admits to having stepped into a six sided ring before. Her prior experience works to her advantage as she impressively delivers in here performance, climbing the turnbuckle and managing to land a beautiful hurricanrana onto DJ Z. (I’m praying that you make it the final three Kay Lee Ray!)

Our two heavyweight, who despite their larger frame, prove to be very agile in this new environment; constantly holding their own during this trial. Last to show what he’s got is Grado, who hasn’t really show much to ring on the show to begin with, practicing with Noam Dar. Grado’s potential opponent ECIII takes this chance to play live commentary on Grado’s performance, throwing in critiques in between his delivery.

In the end, ECIII confesses to being so appalled by Grado’s performance that he’d rather watch his parents make out than sit through one of Grado’s matches. Ouch! Cue to a cameo of Grado being fed up with all the teasing and insults, he lashes out to ECIII who, lucky for Grado, leaves as he running late for a hot yoga session.

Watch Christy Hemme break down the episode below:

Next week, our final six finally compete in their first official TNA match and in the end, only six will follow through being that much closer to a TNA contract!

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