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TNA British Boot Camp 2 Write-Up: Episode 7, “The Semi-Finals”

Hello British Boot Camp fans and welcome to the semi finals of the season! As we near the end of season two of British Boot Camp, a mixed tag match has been booked to determine which of the final six contestants will advance to the finals next week, being that much closer to winning a TNA contract.

We open this week’s episode with our judges of the season Al Snow, Samoa Joe and Gail Kim setting the stage for this upcoming eight person multi tag person match. With Kay Lee Ray being the only female to advance this far in the competition, Gail Kim announces that a Knockout will be thrown into this match to even the playing field. That mysterious Knockout partner would be the decorative multi time Knockouts champion Angelina Love.

The drama doesn’t stop there, as one spot is still needed to be filled to complete this eight person tag match. So who would fill that empty spot for the men’s side? Drum roll please. The final spot would go to head judge himself, Al Snow! He’ll have a close view to see how everyone works during this match, making sure that his tag partner and favorite person in this competition, Grado, doesn’t do anything stupid or embarrassing in front of him. (I mean what are the odds of that happening?) Also on team Snow are Kay Lee Ray and Mark Andrews taking on the team of Angelina Love, Rampage Brown, Dave Mastiff and Noam Dar.

Before taking that step into the TNA ring, our finalist receive a special visit backstage from both Matt and Jeff Hardy. The famous tag team brothers have high praises for our finalists for making it this far, wishing them all the best of luck and looking forward to possibly working with them in the bear future. Something very ideal for Kay Lee Ray who has noted Jeff Hardy as one of her inspiration in wrestling.

It’s the moment of truth as Jeremy Borash introduces team number one to the ring. Dave Mastiff and Ramapage Brown slowly lead the pack while Noam Dar infatuated by Angelina follows behind. Team number two makes their way next full of character and all. I suddenly miss Madonna’s music hitting as Grado makes his entrance.

The match begins with some X-Division talent between Mark Andrews and Noam Dar, who gets a peck on the cheek from Angelina for good luck. It’s an even speed match up between both young men but after Andrews lands a standing twisting moonsault onto Dar, Dar quickly runs to his partners and makes a tag to Rampage Brown.

In response, Marks tag his mentor Al Snow into the match. Al Snow, who is doing incredible for someone his age, takes Rampage to school, head banging and tossing Brown all through out the ring. Al even tags in Grado at one point for some double team offense. Kay Lee Ray is tagged in next and inter gender rules being applied forces Angelina Love to enter the match.

Kay Lee Ray body slams and begins to assault from the air where she is most comfortable, taking Angelina down from the second rope. She then makes a tag to Grado, who enters the ring wanting to take a dance number with Angelina. When Angelina declines Grado’s offer, he grabs the closest person to him, Earl Hebner, and gives him a twirl. That’s a sight I though I’d never see.

Having enough of Grado’s games, Dave Mastiff gets his turn in the ring when he is tagged in. He slaps Grado across the face, slams him in the middle of the ring and takes him to corner to tag in Rampage Brown again. Brown goes for a powerbomb but Grado is able to reverse it and make a tag to Andrews, who flies in to the ring, landing a hurracarrana onto his larger opponent.

Noam Dar makes a save when he attacks Andrew from behind and taking him out with a knee to the gut. The taking out sequence continues, as Al Snow takes out Noam Dar with a big clothesline until he is taken out by cannonball from Mastiff. Grado scuffles in next with some forearms to Mastiff and taking him out with a big boot to the face.

The last team member still standing is Angelina and she kicks Grado in the sacks (no DQ for that ref?). Kay Lee Ray takes the stage next with a spring board dropkick to Angelina, sending her out the ring like everyone else before her. With all seven other participants outside the ring in spot, Kay Lee Ray runs the ropes and lands a big suicide on ALL of them taking them out in one sitting!

Despite taking everyone out, both the initial legal men make their way back to the ring and it’s Ramage Brown who manages to get the win for his team when he hits a powerful powerbomb onto a flying Mark Andrews.

After their great tag match, all of our finalists meet the judges in the ring for the moment of truth as only three of them will move on to the finals. As always, Al Snow praises everyone and encourages them to continue to pursing their dreams no matter what happens.

With that, the first two to be eliminated are Noam Dar and Dave Mastiff, which surprises me as I really thought Dave delivered throughout the completion. To an even bigger surprise, the third and final name to be eliminated is Grado! (A sigh of relief and weight has just been lifted from my shoulders upon hearing the decision) In typical Grado fashion, he leaves in a memorable fashion, calling out Al Snow for picking on him up until this point and even challenging him to a match at the Glasgow show in January as part of TNA’s UK Tour. I can’t wait to see that match.

So there you have it folks, Grado gets his big “moment” (again) and our final three are set for next week’s finale. As mentioned before by TNA President Dixie Carter, our final three will each compete in a singles match against a TNA star. It will be Rampage Brown taking on the aelf proclaimed hardcore champion Bram, Mark Andews in X-Division action against DJ Z and an anticipated Knockouts match between Kay Lee Ray and Gail Kim.

While I am saddened to see the likes of Noam Dar and Dave Mastiff gone, it’s still a nice gesture to know that this won’t be the last we see of them as Dixie Carter has announced ALL six finalists will be part of TNA’s UK Tour in January, which are now set to be TV tapings as well. If only Nikki Storm was part of that group I’d be a happy man but here’s hoping that Kay Lee Ray comes out the winner in next week’s finale and becomes that dynamite needed for the Knockouts Division in the new year!

Watch Christy Hemme break down the episode below:

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