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TNA Hard Justice Prediction Post


TNA delivers some Hard Justice tonight on pay per view, as Angelina Love defends the Knockouts Championship against ODB. Though it seems the exact details of the match are ambiguous; TNA has teased that Angelina will team with Velvet Sky and ODB with Cody Deaner while the latest lineup on suggests a singles bout. It goes to show how much effort TNA has put in.

But in any case, here are our picks:

Erin: I just don’t see them handing the title over to ODB at this point, when really all she is is a punchline. Sure, she may kick the Beautiful People’s asses and show dominance, but at the end of the day, she and Deaner are just something to laugh at. Now, I can see them making a whole story out of them doing silly, trashy stuff with the Knockouts Title, but I don’t see much longevity in that. Though, TNA does like taking the title off of Angelina Love for a few weeks for strange reasons, so who knows what they’ve got up their sleeve. Still, I get the feeling that Angelina will retain her title, but only after some hi-larious shenanigans during the match involving Deaner. Maybe even use it re-plant the seeds for the Beautiful People tension that was teased a while back then uncerimoniously dropped? Maybe, maybe…

Melanie: This match is incredibly underwhelming considering the other things going on in the division right now, it’s not a pay per view caliber match to me and the only reason it’s on the card is because it’s a title match. ODB has become a Jillian for the Knockouts division — a comedy act that has lost it’s credibility. She is a great talent but that is lost considering the shtick she’s been doing with Deaner & the way they have booked this feud on everything but wrestling. ODB has lost any credibility as a serious title contender that she may have once had, I think it would harm the division to put the title on her, quite honestly. Considering that Angelina has only just won the title back, I don’t think it would be wise for her to drop it just yet & hopefully someone in TNA realises that. To be honest, I wouldn’t be completely shocked to see ODB and Deaner get the title to make it a prop in their comedy sketches, especially with ‘unfiltered Vince Russo’ as some wrestling journos are putting it. I don’t have a prediction, I think it could go either way. But for the sake of the division let’s hope Angelina retains.

Steven: I have seen this feud as a comedy since it started. It’s served no purpose in showcasing these girl’s talent, but has acted as a vehicle to get Cody Deaner over with the TNA audience. That said, I see Angelina keeping her title this Sunday, and feuding with Tara or Awesome Kong (again) after their feud concludes. However, I would love to see OBD take the belt, as she has deserved it for a long time. I fear, due to the nature of this match, ODB would have to be co-champion with The Deaner. A sad day in Knockouts history, indeed.

Tiffany: I predict that Angelina will prevail at Hard Justice. There hasn’t been much build-up toward ODB winning the title, and I’ve felt like her brief feud with Angelina was a way to keep the champion busy during Victoria‘s feud with Kong. Until that boils over, I think that ODB will be in cahoots with the Beautiful People just a little longer. I’m not convinced she’ll be winning the championship just yet.

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