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TNA iMPACT! – May 22, 2008

Decent show! I really enjoyed it. To start off the show there was a promo addressing the fans that Karen was indeed making her long awaited return on iMPACT! to address Kurt Angle’s speech. A few segments later, The Beautiful People had a promotional video package where both Knockouts discussed how they’re dominant in more ways than just one. Unlike WWE, TNA is pushing for promotions during shows. I really enjoy seeing Knockout promos backstage. Until recently, the WWE Divas have never gotten much air time. I’m glad WWE is starting to change their ways.. perhaps they’ve seen what TNA is putting forth with their Women’s Division? It’s about time, if you ask me.

During the show, Karen Angle had arrived at the arena and Jeremy Borash tried to get a few words. Karen didn’t seem to budge and left Borash’s questions unanswered. After the returning Knockout had left the camera’s view, Raisha Saeed and the TNA Knockout’s Champion, Awesome Kong, emerged into view and handed Borash a letter, stating that Kong would start challenging female fans within the crowd to wrestle her. Immediatley after I saw this happen, I pretty much knew the direction this storyline was heading. It’s obvious that TNA is going to be using female wrestlers from the likes of SHIMMER as they have done in the past; for example, Daizee Haze.

The Knockout’s match for tonight was O.D.B against Angelina Love with Velvet Sky at ringside. The match was fair.. although I preferred the promotional packages more so than the match itself. Angelina took the win due to an illegal interference by Sky at ringside. Wow, say what? Everyone saw it coming. TNA is obviously trying to promote this stable – I want to know why to be honest… not a big fan. However, before the match had even taken place, O.D.B was interviewed about the new stable between Angelina and Velvet. The Knockout stated that she hated big breasted and beach blonde women. As the conversation continued, O.D.B stated that her breasts we’re real, and Crystal challenged that statement – ending with the backstage interviewer’s hands forecully attatched to O.D.B’s chest. I was wide-eyed right at that moment. It kind of also looked like Crystal enjoyed it.. she couldn’t stop smiling – I mean, O.D.B DOES have huge jugs!

The next segment of the night, was super hilarious! I freaking loved it. I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s obvious that their promoting Christy as TNA’s own Jillian Hall. As the segment started, So Cal Val and Jay Lethal we’re seen backstage talking about their wedding plans, as Val mentioned that Rock N’ Rave Infection wanted to audition to be the main band at their wedding. The camera immediatley rotated a few steps to the left, as Christy Hemme and her boys were seen set up and ready to jam. Christy was wearing probably the most sluttiest thing possible, as Val began to negatively comment her apparel. Lethal and Val began to get loud by calling Christy a slut, infuriating Hemme. The Temecula native jerked her head over in their direction and yelled at them in the middle of the song, revealing that she had been lip singing. A small fight broke out between both groups, ending up in a brawl on the floor.

A super cheesy promotional package streamed involving the marriage of Karen and Kurt during their days on TNA iMPACT! As normal programming returned, Kurt invited Karen down to the ring to apologize to her to set things “right”. After his introductory speech ended, Karen came to the ring and listened to his apology.. eventually tearing up. Oh no, so sad! Oh my gosh! Not. She overdid it. Karen continued to say that their relationship and marriage would never work, and she wanted a divorce. Kurt eventually dropped to his knees hopelessly and begged for her back as Karen left the ring, having none of it. I found this entire segment dry and boring. It was apparent Karen wouldn’t take him back. Duh! I applaud her for it too. Kurt Angle is an asshole. Anyways.. way too predictable for my taste.

The last storyline involving any Knockout’s included Kong and her accomplice, Raisha Saeed. As Jeremy Borash was babbling in the ring, Kong emerged into the ring with Saeed and they threatened to take out Borash, unless he invited a female audience member of the crowd to face Kong. Borash stated that If the selected audience member won, they would collect $25,000 dollars cash. The match was short to say the least. I wish I had known who the woman was.. but I still haven’t a clue. In the match’s conclusion, Kong executed her finisher and sent the “selected fan” back first into the canvas. I can see this whole storyline continuing each and every week with Kong coming to the ring and calling out a female fan to wrestle her. Obviously the TNA Knockout’s Champion be involved with Gail Kim, due to the fact she’s out with an injured knee (kayfabe, I think). Maybe a new Knockout will be signed eventually?

During the remaning minutes of the show, an arranged beatdown went underway as Tomko, Booker T, and The Dudley Boys destroyed AJ Styles to a bloody pulp. A horrified Karen Angle ran to the ring to help Stlyes, but was shoved onto the outside of the ring by the Dudley’s. The beating continued, until Karen returned with Kurt by her side and they ran to the ring to save “The Phenomenal” Styles. As they entered the ring, Angle turned on Karen and began yelling in her face, with a chair grasped tightly between his hands. Kurt went on to slap her then to nail Styles in the face with a chairshot. Karen broke down beside Styles, as the Dudley Boys rose her up and held her while Kurt yelled at her – blaming her and Styles’ “affair” causing their troubled marriage. The show faded out, as Karen screamed mercy for AJ. This last segment was a bit much. It seemed too “soap opera” based for my taste.

I can’t wait to see what goes down next week with all these blossoming storylines involving the TNA Knockouts!

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