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TNA Impact Spoilers: June 17th, 2010

Spoilers for Thursday’s episode of Impact are below.

* Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde. Daffney wins after using a chain while the referee wasn’t looking. Sarita is out complaining to the referee. Andrew Thomas restarted the match. Winner via quick roll-up, Taylor Wilde. After the match, Daffney attacks Sarita. Taylor Wilde stopped her and rolled her out of the ring.

* Angelina Love is out for a match. She says since being out with an injury she realized an athlete’s career could end at any time so she’s not wasting anymore time so tonight it’s her and Lacey Von Erich, next it’s Velvet Sky and finally at the PPV she’s getting her Knockout Title back from Madison Rayne.

* Angelina Love vs. Lacey Von Erich. Winner via DQ, Lacey Von Erich. Angelina brought a chair to the ring and DDTed Lacey on it. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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