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TNA Impact Spoilers: October 28th, 2010

Spoilers for this Thursday’s episode of Impact below:

* Backstage, Tara has attacked Mickie James at catering. They’re fighting all over catering but there’s no actual food. They start hitting each other with trash. The lone cameraman gets knocked down. The ladies fight to the outside and a new camera is on. Madison Rayne helps Tara until The Beautiful People run out. We now have a full scale Knockouts brawl. Sarita runs out too. After a big fight, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne fight to inside the (Impact Zone. Velvet and Sarita make their way inside too. They fight up to the announce table. Backstage Tara and Mickie James are fighting their way in as well. Mickie dives off the guardrail onto Tara. Everybody is now in the ring fighting. Ric Flair and security is breaking it up. Tara hits Flair. Flair threatens to fight a girl. Mickie slaps Flair twice and he flops. Flair gets on the mic and asks what the hell are they doing? They all stop for a second and then they all start brawling again. Flair and security break it up again and makes a match for later: Mickie James & The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita.

* Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita def. Mickie James & The Beautiful People. Sarita wins via butterfly suplex on Sky. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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