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TNA Impact Spoilers for May 15th & May 22nd

We have spoilers for TNA’s next two Impacts. Highlight below to read:
May 15th:

• Kaz & Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Johnny Devine & The Rock N’ Rave Infection. After the match, Lethal asks So Cal Val to marry him at Slammiversary and she accepts with a “Oh yeah”. Very similar to the Macho/Liz angle. Sonjay didn’t look happy and had some great facial expressions here. Kaz would try to tell him to congratulate them and he just kept his distance and showed some fake happiness.

• TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong defeated Gail Kim with the help of Angelina Love. Most of the heels and face knockouts made their way to ringside during the match. They all started arguing on the outside and Gail went to the top but Angelina Love shoved her off causing her to hurt her ankle. Kong picked her up and nailed the awesomebomb for the pin. Gail sold the leg after the match.

• Kurt Angle came out and said he asked for airtime to read a letter to Karen asking to take him back cause she needs him. He says that she needs to get her prioritys straight and makes a list of things that come before her. 1. TNA Title, 2. His gold medal, 3. The Kids, and 4 was her. He says he hopes she comes to the impact zone next week so they can leave together.

• Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, now given the team name “The Beautiful People” defeated ODB and Roxxi. Odb took the pin. You can see Roxxi did have a cut on her head from the PPV.

May 22nd:

• Angelina Love defeated ODB when Velvet Sky interfered and Roxxi Laveaux made the save.

• Kurt asks Karen to take him back. Karen says No because Kurt will never change. Kurt is begging and Karen leaves.

• Awesome Kong challenged any woman in the crowd for $25,000. A “fan” comes out and Kong destroyed her

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