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Toni Storm talks NXT UK talent, says Jinny is an “absolute savage”

On this past Friday’s SmackDown, Toni Storm had the biggest match of her career as she faced Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Although she came up short in obtaining the gold, Storm is no stranger when it comes to being at the top of a division. As a former NXT UK Women’s Champion she remembers how it feels to have that success.

Storm spoke with Ryan Satin on the most recent episode of Out of Character, to discuss her transition to the main roster. After spending months in the stateside NXT, the former Mae Young Classic winner was officially sent to the main roster in July to be on the SmackDown brand where she stayed after the draft in October.

During the interview, Satin talks with Storm about a multitude of topics including social media, finding out about her call-up, her fashion, her SmackDown Women’s Title match with Charlotte Flair, and her time in NXT UK.

Next month marks three years since Storm became NXT UK Women’s Champion after defeating the inaugural champion, Rhea Ripley. She was asked who she would like to see join her on the main roster

“I’m so proud of all of them. I look back on that stuff now and, wow. I miss those girls. Dare I say it? I miss Jinny. I miss her. I miss Isla Dawn. I miss even Nina Samuels, even ol’ Nina Samuels and I’m proud of all the girls in NXT UK. Oh, I miss them, I can’t even talk about it, I’ll get emotional. They’re just doing so well, I hope to see all of them out here with me. They’re just very highly talented and the world needs to see them. The world needs to see how great they are.”

Satin adds to the discussion saying that he feels Jinny is going to kill it when she makes it to the main roster.

Toni Storm on Out of Character with Ryan Satin

Storm responds, “She’s an absolute savage. I’ve never been in the ring with anyone so savage in all my life. She’ll take your eyes out. She doesn’t care. She’s great. I love it. She’s brought out quite the beast in me in the past. I’d like to see how it’d go down these days.”

Since joining the SmackDown brand, Storm has introduced her new Storm One finisher. Although she has only hit the finisher on a couple of opponents thus far, it has caught many eyes from fans. She discusses adopting the move from her coach in England.

“I’ve got a new finisher and so far, I’ve only done it to Zoey Stark and Zelina Vega. I’m having fun with the new one. I can’t wait to hit it on Charlotte Flair and everybody else. I got it from my coach in England, Dean Allmark, who’s been an absolute just great mentor, great coach. When I saw him do that, I was like, ‘As your student, I would really like it if I could steal that, please.’ He gave me his blessing. I’m proud to take a bit of my training school and show the world.” 

Storm is currently working the WWE Live Holiday Tour where she was involved in a Triple Threat for the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks and the champion Charlotte Flair on Monday in Orlando, Fla.

For the full interview with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, you can view the YouTube video below.

Would you like to see more NXT UK talent transfer to the main roster and perhaps see Jinny mix it up with Toni Storm on SmackDown? Leave your thoughts below.

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