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Toni Storm Talks Pie Throwing Segment from SmackDown

Toni Storm left WWE at the end of 2021 in the last few days of December. Prior to leaving, her final few segments on screen before a SmackDown Women’s Championship with then-champion Charlotte Flair dealt with the two women throwing pies at one another.

As the news started to be reported that Storm had asked for her release from the company and it was granted, one of the many speculated reasons by fans was that she was unhappy with her booking. A former NXT UK Women’s Champion, Mae Young Classic winner, and all-around great talent was put into a storyline that was not fitting for many. Turns out, that wasn’t even the original plan and she was happy with the pie segments.

While speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Storm spoke about the pie-throwing segment, and here is what she had to say.

“I was actually quite happy with that segment that day. It was a lot better than the original idea. The original idea was like, I was called up and asked if I was comfortable having my shirt ripped off or something. They wanted to do this whole angle where they wanted to rip my shirt off to be embarrassed, in my underwear, I guess. When you’re asked if you’re comfortable to do that and literally, people are being fired every single week, it’s like, ‘Well, yeah, I guess I’m comfortable with that.’ [said with nervous sarcasm]. Then, a lot of people fought to not have that happen. That would have been a terrible idea. To be honest, the pie was actually quite a sweet treat in comparison to what it could have been. In hindsight, I wasn’t really mad. I’m not even mad. People think I’m mad, I think it’s hilarious, standing there covered in pie. I can demolish food, so if they’re throwing food at me, that was a good day. Not painful at all. That was a good one, to be honest. That was one of my better times,” she said. [h/t- Fightful]

Currently, as a roster member of AEW, Storm is sitting well in the semi-finals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. She defeated Jamie Hayter in the first round and is now set to face Dr. Britt Baker.

For more on what Storm had to say about leaving WWE, you can check out her previous interview by clicking here.

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