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Top 5 most successful current WWE finishers

The women’s evolution is gaining momentum, which means fans are able to see a female wrestler as more than just a pretty face.

The talent that exists on the current WWE main rosters is some of the best WWE has ever had the pleasure of signing. While the old Attitude and Divas Eras had its fair share of impressive female talent on staff, the physical strength, agility, assuredness, creativity and determination seen currently in WWE has risen to a whole other level.

The physicality of the women’s roster can be seen best in the moves displayed in-ring. From Fisherman Suplexes, to moonsaults, to pop-up powerbombs, to various submission holds, the women of today’s WWE are doing it just as well, if not better, than the men. 

To celebrate these female athletes in full fashion, here’s the top five most successful finishers from the current WWE women’s roster. For the purpose of this article, a “finisher” is defined as a wrestler’s signature move that usually leads to pinfall or submission. 

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