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Torrie on Backstage Politics Among the Divas & More


Just two weeks from her big Hollywood break, as a contestant on NBC’s  “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”, Torrie Wilson has been on a promotional spree for the series. In an interview with AOL today, Torrie blows the whistle on Divas partaking in backstage politics – something we hear less about in comparison to the men:

We often hear about the backstage politics with the male wrestlers. How much politics exists between the WWE Divas?
It’s hard to say. I know that there are girls that did, you know, live or die by what TV exposure they got that night. I just never really fell for any of that, and kind of did my own thing. I just always had that mindset that if I was going to be used it’s great, and if I wasn’t, it’s not going to affect the way I feel about myself when I look in the mirror.

Not naming any names, but I’m sure I can take a guess as to who Torrie could be talking about. I guess it’s harder to get on television when you’re a Diva, I remember back in 2004-2005, when Torrie was SmackDown’s top Diva but was barely seen on TV for weeks at a time. Let us not forget, that in the present day the Women’s Champion is considered ‘disposable’ so that pretty much throws the whole balance up in the air…

Interviewer, Ariel Helwani also talks about drug abuse among the Divas – again, something we never hear about:

How prevalent is the use of performance-enhancement drugs with the WWE Divas? Is that a big problem?
No, not at all. I never once in my eight years in wrestling felt any pressure to use drugs at all.

I have read that it was an issue only because you are expected to look just as good as the men, yet you are always wearing very little and being judged mainly on your looks.
I honestly don’t know. I wouldn’t know, personally, if any of the other women used drugs. I can only speak for myself in saying that I am a very anti-steroids and anti whatever agents that you need to look the way you want to look. I believe in the old adage of eating well and working out. I’m a big runner, so as long as you’re running, you can get in your bikini.

I think a lot of people consider these issues when it comes to the men, but never stop to think about the women. So thumbs up to the interviewer and Torrie for touching upon this subject.

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