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Torrie Still Alive and Making a Bold Stand

Last week, we reported that Torrie Wilson would be going under the surgeon’s knife and finally, we have news! Torrie updated her MySpace to tell us that she is doing well and even posted these bold pictures of herself… without any make-up. And if you ask me, she looks great without it. Read Torrie’s blog and see the pictures below:

Well guy’s I made it back from surgery alive!!!! I have to say that there for a minute I was pretty nervous about the whole deal! My surgeon, who was absolutely amazing scared me a bit right befor going under the knife…let’s just say that as I was stepping onto the little surgery table and starting to feel like I had about 10 shots of Petron’ tequila, my sweet little Dr. says to me “So Torrie are you ready to go?!” I looked at him with tears in my eyes ( I was crying all morning because I was so scared!) and said “I guess as ready as I will ever be, just please promise me that I won’t wake up paralyzed because of a mistake.” Ok so what words do you think came out of his mouth after that? …this is what he said….”Honey being paralyzed is the least of your worries with a surgery like this! You have a lot of major organs just on the other side of where I am working and if I just happen to accidently puncture any of them you could bleed to death easily!” so of course I asked him…”well what if that happens? I mean what can you do to help me?” He replied with ” Well, honey I will just have to cut you open all the way across your stomach and work hard to fix the problem and stop the bleeding….but you will end up with a pretty large scar across your stomach!”

Ok so call me crazy but I was inches away from taking off for the parking lot just at that moment! Instead I prefered to pray the hardest I have ever prayed that everything goes fine and dandy! The surgery did take a little longer than usual so of course when I woke up at 8pm the first thing I did after looking at the clock was feel for a cut across my tummy…and luckily everything went great. Needless to say, I am so very thankful that I got such a wonderful Dr. that went above and beyond. I am slowly starting to walk better and feel like my old self again…And just so you guy’s can see how absolutely horrible I can look, I decided to show you a couple pics of me after surgery in the hospital without of stitch of makeup on….now that’s love if you can get past that sight!

Anyway, I just wanted to fill ya’all in on how the back surgery went and let you know I made it…..leaving for Mexico on Thursday!…I will show you pics from that as well. (and hopefully I will look a tad better in those!)

Love you all! -Torrie

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