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Total Divas Redux: “Clash of the Divas” & “Gone With the Wine”

Goodness. Talk about being waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in terms of recapping. I won’t apologize because sometimes real life just happens and it gets the best of you. But the one upside to this situation is that you guys are now getting two Reduxes for the price of one! And, just time for this upcoming week’s episode, so all the drama will be fresh in your mind come Tuesday night. So without further delay, lets start with episode 4×9, “Clash of Divas.”

The name of the episode was definitely centered around the drama between Paige and Cameron. Mark Carrano had decided to ask Paige to train Cameron, because she wanted to step up her game in the ring and get back on TV. Paige wasn’t too thrilled at first, but decided to suck it up and just deal with the situation. They met down in NXT but things end up breaking down during the session. The girls get in a heated exchange because Paige didn’t feel as if Cameron was being safe. It ends up getting broken up and reported back to management.

Paige had already been in trouble prior to this, having crashed on a motorcycle, thus jeopardizing her worth to the WWE. When she gets to TV, she discovers that she’s been left off the show, and of course she thinks it’s because of the situation that happened with Cameron. Paige believes she is being punished for the incident down in NXT, and goes to Road Dogg, a WWE agent and former Superstar, to find out if that is the case. He goes absolute HAM on her, and to be fair, comes off as a class a dick. He actually reminded me why I hate working in a corporate environment because he acted like the so-called “big wigs” who work at my company. I can’t stand people like him, who have complete ego trips when someone asks them what is going on.

I could sit here for hours and write paragraph after paragraph about this subject, but I will spare all of you my rant. But hey, it got under Paige’s skin as well, because during dinner with Nikki Bella and Natalya, she revealed that she was done with all of it and wanted to move back to England. She got more upset when the girls didn’t necessarily jump to her side. She got up and walked outside of the restaurant, wanting away from the girls. Both Nikki and Nattie let her know they were on her side, but when it comes to her career, Paige needs to pick and choose her battles. At the end of the day, they tell her, some fights just aren’t worth the hassle, and honestly, they’re right. I’ve always been given the same advice myself by my co-workers and peers, and it’s such a difficult pill to swallow.

Another issue I have is controlling men. And Daniel Bryan got a little controlling IMHO. He decided to take issue with the way Brie dresses. Nikki took her twin’s side, of course, but Brie was leaning towards seeing Daniel’s side of the story as well. She knows her body is for his eyes only, but her style is her own, and that was the conflict.

Daniel decided to punish her by buying a compost toilet and turning off the water to their bathroom. I’m not even going to get into the details of all of this, but needless to say Brie agreed to let Daniel go through her closet so he would turn the water back on. At least she practically gets a new wardrobe out of all of this.

The third, and probably best part of the episode was the ongoing saga of Nattie’s sister, Jenni, and her feud with Tyson Kidd. Nattie got the bright idea that she should set her sister up with someone in order to get her out of the house and away from TJ. She started off by trying to hook Jenni up with Mark Carrano, which was so super awkward. Mark wasn’t having it so Nattie decided to turn her attention towards WWE Superstar, Big E.

Ohmygoodness, I was actually shipping the pairing of Big E. and Jenni. They were cute together and the date seemed to go really well. Of course, TJ got pretty irritated when they decided to move the party back to their house instead of Big E.’s, which led to things finally breaking down. Jenni decided to solve everyone’s problems by moving in with her parents. So that, at least, had a happy ending. I’m dying to know if there was ever a date two between Jenni and Big E. though.

Unfortunately, last week’s episode gave us no continuation of Big E. and Jenni’s courtship. But it did give us an almost Bella Breakdown, relationship problems with Eva Marie and Jonathan (again), and a family road trip with the Fatu clan. The roadtrip was amazing because it involved new favorite Tamina Snuka, as well as Naomi‘s father, Jimmy Uso‘s twin, Jey Uso, his wife, and their two kids, as well as Naomi’s step-children.

The trip wasn’t exactly met with excitement and when the RV didn’t have air conditioning and the camp site wasn’t what was expected, Jon took to complaining. Naomi did her best to remain upbeat about the situation, but eventually she got angry. She told Jon she didn’t appreciate his attitude when she was trying to go above and beyond to make sure all of them had a great time. He realized he was wrong and apologized, but ultimately it wasn’t Naomi’s fault. She can’t control rivers, weather, or mechanical failures and he knew that. They ended up having a great time in the end.

Eva Marie and Jonathan had their issues as well. Despite the fact Eva has made it well known that she wants to be a wrestler and make her brand global, Jonathan was having issues with the fact she wasn’t spending enough time with him. They argued here and there about the situation throughout the episode, and when Dany Garcia, ex-wife of The Rock and Eva’s new manager, called to say that Dwayne wanted to invite her to his movie premiere, Eva realized that he was just going to have to deal with the crazy.

She laid it out to Jonathan that he just needed to buckle up and enjoy the ride, and I’m assuming he ended up agreeing. Not much he could do about it anyway. Eva seemed pretty set in her decisions.

Nikki Bella had a big decision to make as well, and it all centered around her hectic schedule as Divas Champion. The lack of off time was starting to wear her down, and at one point she didn’t even want to get out of the car. Brie tried to talk her sister into therapy but Nikki flat out refused that. Come to find out, that issue stemmed from her childhood, but more on that later. Nikki and Brie, along with Renee Young, decided to escape to Napa Valley for a few days after getting time off from Mark Carrano. Nikki claimed the vacation is all she needed, but it wasn’t enough.

She told John about everything going on, and is the one who actually convinced her that she should take Brie’s advice and talk to someone about what was going on in her life. Nikki didn’t want to go, since the only therapy session she ever had resulted in her family laughing at her tears, but she did finally go and talk to a professional. As she reported to Brie, she felt really good about everything.

All in all, two episodes that were entertaining, and kind of filler. I’m curious to see what tomorrow’s eppy brings. Until then… or lets be honest, whenever. Have a great night!

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