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Total Divas Redux: “Mother of the Groom”

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Season six of ‘Total Divas’ is turning into a pretty big ride. On this week’s episode we see Lana deal with a culture clash of a wedding whilst we get a deeper look into the lives of Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. Also Paige is really adorable.

Paige and Renee Young meet up at the start of the episode and discuss the infamous relationship between the Brit and Alberto Del Rio. For some reason, despite moving in with the man, Paige can’t find it in herself to poop in the house – which has four different bathrooms. Are the alarms ringing yet? No? Oh okay.

We then get whisked away to Nashville, Tennessee where Lana and Rusev are discussing the upcoming wedding. Lana gives us some info on her “spiritual” upbringing, brags about how kind her fiancé is, and then we’re watching the group shop for a wedding dress! The topic of American weddings is brought up and Rusev claims that he hates them because there are no “traditions” apart of it. Lana’s mother pipes up and explains her traditions, but it seems Rusev couldn’t care less.

Rusev soon reminds Lana that she has to break the news to his mother that they won’t be having a Bulgarian wedding… and it appears like it’ll be a little challenging to do so.

Flash forward to Thursday and the ladies are at SmackDown! Backstage, Maryse, alongside her husband The Miz, gets a FaceTime call from her mother, and it’s not good news. Her mother informs the two that there’s a burglar at their house, and after checking the CCTV footage on their phones, The Miz can literally see the man at the door! Yikes! A scared Maryse yells at her husband and mother to call 911 and they proceed. The man soon runs away as the cops arrive and all is well in the Mizanin household.

The wedding drama then continues as Lana and Rusev are seen chatting backstage. Rusev says that he plans on getting married in Bulgaria, as his mother wants that. Lana insists that she will never have someone “live vicariously” through her as it is her wedding (and Rusev’s). Trouble in paradise, it seems.

The Miz and Maryse catch up with Paige and other friends at a restaurant and tell them all about the robbery. After a quick discussion, Maryse is still worried about her safety, so brings up the option of getting a gun in her bedroom. The Miz unsurprisingly is against the idea as the robber could easily take the gun off of her and kill the Sexiest of Sexy. Maryse may have been against it in the past herself, but with her husband going off to film a movie next month, she’s feeling  a little too scared to not have one by her side.

Back in the Rusev-Lana household, some stripper pole fun is going down before Rusev’s mother pops in. And as she enters, the very fitting “Roar of the Lion” plays. Lana explains that sometimes she doesn’t understand what her mother says because of the language barrier, and it’s pretty clear where things are headed…

We then check in with Renee, who lives in Las Vegas – away from all of her friends. So because herself and Dean-o do not have any friends nearby, they ask Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan to hang out with them. And with the fact that Bella and Bryan don’t show up at work as much, this proves to be the perfect idea.

Once everyone has arrived, Brie drops the bomb that she invited her twin, Nikki Bella! Cue awkward eye contact. But, Renee being Renee, attempts to go above and beyond to make her feel comfortable by setting up a random room. So sweet!

Lana and Rusev are then seen having a barbecue to give Mama Rusev a chance to experience American culture. The conversation soon moves to Bulgarian weddings as Rusev feels the need to pitch the idea to Lana and her family. And though Lana says that it’s been her dream to have a beach wedding, Mama Rusev is not having it…

Eva Marie then meets up with Maryse in the Mizanin household to give her some company whilst Mike is away. The two have a bit of fun together but then they realise that the current security may not be cutting it. So, despite Mike’s wishes, they decide to window shop for and try out some guns.

Lana, Rusev and co. then go to buy some cottage cheese and Mama Rusev is discussing the Bulgarian wedding – in Bulgarian. Lana catches on and feels extremely uncomfortable, but the two deny the simple thought of doing such an act.

We’re then taken to the car that carries Dean, the Bellas, Renee and Bryan, and they’re off to go on some ATV/Monster trucks. Unfortunately for Nikki, her neck injury means that she can’t take part, and this definitely plays on Renee’s mind as she feels horrible for not even thinking of Nikki. But, whilst the gang plays, Nicole turns to her best buddy – alcohol!

The Lana-Rusev saga then continues as Rusev discusses the wedding situation with his soon to be father-in-law. He attempts to convince him about having a Bulgarian wedding over an American one, but Lana soon interrupts and takes her fiancé upstairs to give him a talking to. Lana brings up the fact that Rusev doesn’t understand American culture – so much that he hasn’t even asked her father if he could marry her! And before she can get too serious, Rusev laughs it off and she walks away in anger. Oops.

Maryse and Eva then go to do some gun training – without the knowledge of the Miz – so that Maryse can understand how to work one before purchasing it. The ladies have some great fun and Maryse feels ever so empowered afterwards. However, in respect to her husband, she declines the gun in front of Eva.

The house gathering antics are up next and Renee is feeling the pressure. She wants to impress her friends but pleasing everyone at once proves to be a somewhat difficult task. The perfect plan falls flat as the food almost catches fire and Brie catches on to Renee trying way too hard. Also, Nikki decides to get a hotel room after feeling like a fifth wheel (though Renee assures her she is far from such).

The next morning, Brie and Renee try to continue setting up the house but it proves a little stressful for Young. Bella reminds her that she needs to relax and thus, they will all stop working and do something more fun for the sake of the ring announcer. Aw!

All of the ladies then take to Norfolk for a taping of Monday Night RAW. Backstage, Eva brings up a photo of Maryse posing with a gun – one that she bought… without consulting Mike! But, she now feels safe, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Lana and Rusev then have a meal with Lana’s dad and the topic of the wedding is still on everyone’s mind. Rusev – being Rusev – prepares a speech to Lana’s father to marry her, and though he’s confused about the lateness of the question, his blessing is still given. And the idea of a Malibu wedding is also confirmed. Aw!

Maryse then gathers up the courage to discuss the gun issue with Mike over FaceTime, and though he’s disappointed, it’s not in the way she expected. The Miz was going to get the gun for Maryse himself, but it seems that she saved him the effort and all is good in the Mizanin household!

The episode then ends in the Lana-Rusev household when Lana announces the final decision on the wedding. It seems that the proud American and her soon-to-be hubby choose to have two weddings; one in Malibu and the other in Bulgaria! Yay!

Thoughts: I’m not quite sure what it is… but Lana is super boring in this episode. I’m not exactly her number one fan outside of ‘Total Divas’, but I’d been somewhat entertained by her prior to this episode. When watching her this week I feel as though I’m watching a little kid wanting a certain piece of candy in a store and not stopping until they’d get what they wanted. And then in the end they learned a lesson about fairness so decided to negotiate. Her story isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but I did somewhat roll my eyes every time we were going to her house. Rusev was pretty funny though, if that makes up for anything.

The whole Paige scenario is coming, and I’m not sure if I’m excited or nervous for it. Based on this episode – and the last – it feels as though the woman is moving on way too fast. I mean, if you can’t use the bathroom with someone you’re living with – and it isn’t student accommodation – then why are you living with them?! Surely that should be a huge sign that one isn’t comfortable enough to live with another. And you’d think Paige would. But alas.

One thing I did like was that finally, the Bellas had an interesting story this season! And all it took was for the focus not to be on their men! Who knew we wanted to see them just have fun with their friends and support the needs of others? Eh…

The story is pretty cute, and it’s nice to see the twins actually have fun rather than bicker about nonsense that we’ve heard in every other episode. And it appears that through this story, we have a breakout star in Renee Young!

Renee is so adorable and it’s lovely to see her in her own stories, rather than supporting others or just being in the background. She seems like such a lovely spirit, and her relationship with Dean is the cutest thing.

And speaking of adorable relationships – let’s discuss Miz and Maryse! I’m not the biggest fan of the Sexiest of Sexy, but you’d be a fool to say she wasn’t all kinds of sweet in this episode. Her relationship with Mike is so loving and understanding that it really makes you see both of them in a different light. They really get each other and they don’t have unnecessary drama. Instead, though some actions may be somewhat petulant, they still come together as adults and have a healthy bond. I’m in love with their love!

What did you think of the episode? Did you like Renee’s story? How do you find Paige’s relationship? Are you a fan of Miz and Maryse? Where do you stand with the double wedding scenario? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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