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Total Divas Redux: “No Holds Barre”

So, how messy are the Bella siblings??? This week’s episode of Total Divas caused me to laugh out loud more than once, and it had a lot to do with the fact that Brie, Nikki, and JJ Bella are so incredibly bitchy with one another. As we saw on the previews, Brie and Nikki decided to go into business with one another. They had a business plan to open a barre studio and fitness center, with a portion of the procedes going back to the environment. They were talking about this over dinner with Mama Bella, JJ, JJ’s wife, Lola. Mama Bella brought up a good point. She asked the girls what would happen if something went wrong in the studio while they were on road, who would go check it out? Nikki volunteered their mom, and then the whole situation ballooned into a family business venture. Brie wasn’t at all amused by this.

Things got worse when JJ took it upon himself to set up appointments with real estate agents to look at property. Brie felt as if JJ were taking over, and she wasn’t happy with it. The siblings went back and forth and things got way out of hand when the twins went for pedicures. They got into a heated argument when Nikki suggested that they add a room for weight lifting. Brie basically snapped at her sister for being scatterbrained. Nikki snapped back and it was just an ugly scene. Later on, Nikki headed over to JJ’s and suggested that they team up and go into business together, without Brie.

Despite the fact Nikki told JJ that Brie didn’t even want him to be part of their business, he went and told his older sister that Nikki wanted to cut her out. Brie called her sister over and JJ forced all of them to hash it out and get over their feelings. Brother Bella… the ultimate peacekeeper!

There was no love lost between the fans and Eva Marie when she finally made her debut down in NXT. Despite the one-on-one training with Brian Kendrick and the positive attitude she had shown with everything, the fans bombarded her interview with chants of “you can’t wrestle.” She took everything in stride and returned to training to try and figure out what she wanted to do for her finisher. Both student and teacher finally decided on “The Kendrick” for Eva, which was Brian’s finisher, obviously.

Eva’s husband wanted her to be cautious when finding a finisher, but of course, our favorite redhead wanted something that would make her stand out. In fact, she wanted a whole move set that would make her stand out which made some of the girls apprehensive about working with her.

Alicia Fox was the most vocal when it came to this and of course, Cameron turned around and ran back to Eva with all the spilled tea. Shocker.

I will say that when Eva pulled the move off in training, it looked really good. If she actually does end up using it when she starts wrestling on the main roster, it will be interesting to see how it translate to the style some of the other girls work in.

The final story of the night involved Naomi and Jimmy Uso getting an opportunity to have his children for the week. With them moving to Pensacola (LOVE that place), it gave the couple more time to spend with Jaidan and Jayla, but Naomi may have taken things to the extreme. Not only did she rent a minivan to drive everyone around in (which I do agree was more practical than the mustang), she also rented a bouncy house. Jon wasn’t to impressed with any of this, and things got worse when a mobile petting zoo showed up and his son was holding a baby alligator.

Jessica, the baby mama, expressed her concerns over the kids getting out of their normal routine, and when Jon told Naomi, she got upset. She wasn’t upset over her parenting skills being questioned, she was upset because she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their time with the kids. She also didn’t want Jessica to worry about her kids when they were with Naomi. I thought she handled things beautifully when the children’s mother expressed her concerns to Jon, and it proves just how mature Naomi is and how much her family means to her. She knows it’s okay to spoil them, but she can’t let it get out of hand.

Before the show went off, we got a teaser for the rest of the season. We’re promised lots of drama and I personally can’t wait!

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