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Total Divas Redux: “Return of the Ex”

That ending tho…

Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella have some insane chemistry. I can’t be the only one that noticed it. The tease has been building all season and finally on this past Tuesday’s finale, we got Dolph/Nikki in all of its beautiful glory. He legitimately has no business trying to butt into her life at this point, not when she is so incredibly involved with John Cena, but nonetheless, our favorite Superstar decided to declare his feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

Hell, he even offered to wife her and give her babies. She didn’t seem willing to take him up on the offer and the entire episode came to an end with a stupid cliffhanger. I swear it looked he was trying to kiss her and Nikki was pushing him away.

FYI, if by some stroke of luck Dolph is reading this, I am single. I will have your kids. And you can definitely marry me.

Moving on…

Paige, despite being in love with her boyfriend, isn’t ready to actually be engaged to him despite the rock he gave her. That’s fine, not everyone is superficial when it comes to jewelry, but she hasn’t exactly handed the ring back to him either. How do you tell someone you only accepted their proposal because you felt like you didn’t have a choice? Well, as of Tuesday, Paige still hadn’t figured that one out.

She could never find the time or place to tell Kevin her feelings, making the news of her leaking engagement amongst the locker room even more awkward. She debated telling him before she left for Japan, but that didn’t work out either.

Obviously, he knows at this point because well duh, this was filmed months ago. But those of us who are weirdly addicted to this mess, have yet to see his reaction. Hopefully we will get to see the talk and fallout in its entirety when season five premieres.

Season five will also give us more Eva Marie, no doubt, and Mrs. All Red Everything finally made her much anticipated (at least TD edited it that way, hehe) debut in NXT.

She was understandably nervous going into the show, not sure what kind of reaction she would get from the fans. Eva Marie is an incredibly polarizing personality, and she isn’t for everyone. And the good news about that, is she accepts it. She’s not delusional and says several times she just wants some kind of reaction, be it good or bad. When Eva finally makes her way to the ring, the reaction is what us wrestling fans expected it to be. It was very negative.

And Eva embraced it. She got a reaction, which is what she wanted more than anything, and had a great attitude about it. I didn’t watch her debut match, so I can’t judge on how it actually went, but Eva has a great look. I truly hope she’s serious about becoming the best possible performer she can be, and I hope everyone understands that sometimes in wrestling, accidents do happen.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd ended season four on a sad note. TJ was severely injured inside the ring during a match, and that was after Nattie found out that she might need career ending surgery to repair a partially detached retina. When she got the call that surgery was recommended for her, she decided to keep the news to herself.

I kinda get where she’s coming from seeing the state TJ was in; she didn’t want to add extra stress to him. But, eye injuries are no joke so I do hope that Nattie ends up being honest and at least tells her hubby what’s going on.

That about wraps everything up. No start date for season five announced yet. I can’t keep come up with premieres when it comes to E! Everything always seems to be so scattered. But we know that Naomi is out and Tough Enough‘s Amanda will be in. That should be interesting. Eva Marie 2.0? We shall see! See you guys whenever.

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