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Total Divas Redux: “Scared Straight”

Like always, the previews for this past week’s episode of Total Divas promised to be chock full of drama and the episode did deliver. It wasn’t overly dramatic, but it was a nice filler episode that gave us a glimpse into Ariane’s (Cameron) home life, Eva Marie and Jonathan‘s marriage, and Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan‘s struggle with his injury.

Daniel and Brie continue to be one of the most interesting couples on the show, simply because of their lifestyle. We know how into saving the Earth the two of them are, and how their simple, natural living style is the entire base of their personalities. Unfortunately, living such a natural life has been causing setbacks to Daniel’s ability to heal from his surgery, since he doesn’t use medicine. The Danielsons believe that your body should be able to heal itself naturally, so we got to witness one of his forms of therapy – acupuncture.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s feeling in his arm wasn’t getting any better and Brie finally convinced him to go see the WWE doctor during TV. He was given news that he didn’t really want to hear, and it was that he would need a second surgery. They wanted to take a nerve from his arm and move it to the opposite side so he could heal and get back in the ring. After a heart to heart with Nikki, Brie started to think that surgery was the best option especially when Daniel couldn’t even lift a painting to hang on their wall.

Daniel, however, disagreed. He didn’t want to consider having another surgery and even after lunch with Mama Bella, he still wasn’t convinced. With Daniel’s future up in the air, the couple can at least be thankful Brie is back at work. And… in a fantastic storyline with Stephanie McMahon to boot!

Luckily for Jonathan, Eva Marie didn’t give him the boot after he went behind her back to get a gun for their home. And to be perfectly fair, their relationship is a heck of a lot stronger than that. But I really just needed a cheap lead in to this next second. So anyway, the whole gun thing began because one of the guy’s at Jonathan’s gym brought up the fact that there was a break-in and a shooting not to far from where Jonathan and Eva live.

Because he is a good man and a good husband, Jonathan wanted to go to the extreme to protect his wife and their home, so his idea was to get a gun. Eva quickly shot that down, but he was persistent. They ended up at a gun range, shooting for practice, and apparently that was enough to encourage Jonathan to purchase a gun for their home.

When Eva got home from the work and discovered it on their bed, she wasn’t to impressed. In fact, she was downright furious and those feelings lingered for awhile. It was Natalya that pointed out that the biggest problem Eva had with the gun, wasn’t the gun itself, but the fact he had purchased it without discussing it with her. Eva confronted Jonathan with that when they went on a date night, and they both worked out their differences over the issue.

I love them as a couple to be honest. From what we have seen on television, no matter what their issue or problem seems to be, they work it out in a mature way. They actually listen to one another and don’t resort to screaming and fighting the way you see some couples too. There is a lot of mutual respect there, and that’s the type of relationship everyone should want to be a part of. I don’t agree with having a gun at all, but like Eva, I agree that Jonathan’s heart was in the right place with what he did.

Ariane showed us the size of her heart as well, and just how important her family is to her. The moment she got a call from her mother saying her 15-year old brother was in trouble, Ariane left Florida to return to California. The story here is that Quentin, her baby brother, was rebelling against their mother and running with the wrong crowd. Ariane, along with Vinnie, went in search of Quentin and eventually found him hanging out on a street corner with some kids from a rough crowd.

Ariane made him leave and enlisted in the help of some people she found through a friend. They were ex-gang members and they really laid it all out there for Quentin. They gave the teen a nice dose of reality and he realized that the path he was going down wasn’t a good one. Quentin came around and was grateful for the support of his family, and the episode ended on a positive note for their family.

Overall, it was a good episode. Next it seems like we are getting two, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Why burn through episodes? But whatevs. I’ll be back at some point next week, doing my best recap both of them. So until then… Namaste!

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