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Toxic Attraction Implodes; Meiko Satomura Returns On Feb. 14

Toxic Attraction appears to be no more as Jacy Jayne viciously attacked Gigi Dolin during the Feb. 7 NXT main event.

The main event of this week’s NXT had Bayley return to the brand to host Ding Dong, Hello! The main point of the segment was to resolve the rift between Dolin and Jayne following Vengeance Day. Both women had a lot to say to one another as they were deciding to move together as a team or split and go their separate ways. Bayley tried to convince them to stick it out as ride or dies because those tend to be more successful.

Bayley convincing Dolin and Jayne that sticking together was the better option, the duo stated maybe they would just go ahead and go after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Damage CTRL. While happy she could help them work out their differences, Bayley had to stop them from wanting to go after Damage CTRL.

Dolin and Jayne raised each others arms at the end of the segment but it would be Jayne to officially turn on her now former teammate. She attacked Dolin and threw her into the Ding Dong, Hello door that was set up in the ring. Jayne celebrated her turn on Dolin to end this week’s show.

We also found out this week that Meiko Satomura will be making her return next week. Last we saw Satomura, she defeated Roxanne Perez in a show of respect match between the two. Now, the NXT Women’s Champion has called on Satomura to be her tag team partner to face Kayden Carter and Katana Chance next week.

Carter & Chance challenged Perez to a match next week but said she didn’t have any friends to partner with. The former tag champs are jaded that Perez retained at Vengeance Day but they lost to Kiana James and Fallon Henley. Especially when James cheated for them to win.

There were three women’s matches on this weeks show. The results were as follows –

Zoey Stark def. Sol Ruca – post match, Stark attacked Ruca but it would be Ruca who got the last laugh after delivering Sol Snatcher.

Isla Dawn w/ Alba Fyre def. Tatum Paxley – Dawn was giving Paxley a hard time that she has never been considered a member of Diamond Mine. After Dawn won the match, Ivy Nile came doen for the save.

Lyra Valkyria def. Valentina Feroz w/ Wendy Choo – Feroz still trying to earn herself a victory was tempted once again with brass knuckles thanks to Elektra Lopez. This time, Feroz contemplated to use them but for too long. Valkyria picked up the win with the brass knuckles still unused in Feroz’s hand.

Thea Hail had a backstage segment with Tiffany Stratton asking her why she doesn’t like Chase U. After insults to Chase U from Stratton, Hail told her to suck it. Hail was then kidnapped by Ava Raine. Hail appeared later during the Chase U vs. Pretty Deadly match as a shell of her former self with dozens of Schism smiley buttons all over her.

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