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Transgender Japanese wrestler shares her story

Candy Lee made history when she became the first transgender Women’s Champion for a major indie company. Now Pro Wrestling WAVE’s ASUKA is sharing her story about her journey from coming out to family and her path to pro wrestling.

In a translated tweet thread by Alexandra, she told her story to LGBTER:

On her inspiration to becoming a wrestler: Seeing an Ayako Hamada match in early elementary school inspired Asuka (WAVE) to become a wrestler.

On coming out and wrestling: Asuka’s father still lived in Sendai so they would occasionally spend time together, on her 16th birthday they went on a trip to Yamagata and that’s when Asuka revealed to her father that she was attracted to men, not women.

Her father asked if she wanted to wrestle at college and Asuka cried that she didn’t want to wrestle for the rest of her life. Her father tried to convince her to keep wrestling cause she’d get more freedom at college, & even meet a girlfriend.

Asuka didn’t expect to come out to family first but had the feeling that her father wouldn’t reject her. After hearing her father accept her she no longer felt trapped and could leave wrestling, her father’s words got rid of the heaviness in her heart.

With her family encouraging her to do what she wanted to do she returned to her Mom after joining WAVE for the first time in a long time. Her mother greeted her with a gift of cosmetics and said “I already knew.”

On her debut as a wrestler: In 2015 Asuka made her debut as a transgender wrestler and it got some media attention. She felt it was best that people knew, & if there are people in a similar position they should know that people like her exist and hope they don’t give up and become motivated.

She has no intention to hide herself and is thankful for the acceptance. Recently she wants to make friends with fellow transgender people her around age. Despite having friends she still feels a bit different with discussing romance, work-life, etc. with cis women & men.

On her future goals: She hopes to meet other MTF transgender people around her age so they can discuss life topics specific to them. Her future goals are doing more to define her wrestling style, which is heavily influenced by high-flying lucha and wrestling Ayako Hamada in Mexico.

Read the full translated interview here:

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