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Trinity Retains At Turning Point; Gail Kim Hits Purrazzo With Eat Defeat

IMPACT’s Turning Point that was previous taped last week in the UK aired on Friday Nov. 3. At this event was a match for the Knockouts World Title as Trinity defending against Deonna Purrazzo. Gail Kim served as the special guest referee and if Purrazzo lost this would be the last time she can go for the title while Trinity is champion.

As we approach the back half of the match, Purrazzo applies the fujiwara armbar, however, Trinity grabs the bottom rope to escape the submission. The two trade forearms as Trinity gets a near fall. Purrazzo follows up with Queen’s Gambit for a near fall of her own but then argues with Kim. 

Trinity gets The Virtuosa into Starstruck but Purrazzo counters and rolls Trinity up to escape. Trinity follows up with a sit out buster and applies Starstruck again. This time, Purrazzo taps out.

Post-match, Purrazzo goes after Trinity and then gets into it with Kim. The two shove each other before Purrazzo lays a slap on Kim. Kim has had enough and hits Eat Defeat on Purrazzo.

Other Knockout results of the night included, Jordynne Grace defeating Dani Luna with the Grace Driver. Gisele Shaw also picked up a victory against Alex Windsor off of a running knee.

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