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Triple H addresses the rumor of dropping the gender specification for the NXT Women’s Title

Triple H has addressed the elephant in the room, and that is the renaming of the NXT Women’s Championship by dropping the “women” designation. He states this is not true and is not happening. Triple H spoke on a media call for TakeOver: Portland with The Wrestling Inc Daily where this topic was brought up.

The original reporting of this change stated that the NXT Women’s Championship would now go by simply the NXT Championship. This coincidentally was brought up the day after Becky Lynch appeared on WWE Backstage.The RAW Women’s Champion was discussing how the designation of “women’s match” or “women’s segment” should be removed. It should just be “match” or “segment.”

Lynch further cleared that up online with a tweet that explained she has no control over this and certainly didn’t infer that she wanted “women” removed from any title. Triple H has now cleared this up even further.

“There were conversations that were had,” he admitted. “It was basically about not having to beat it into the ground when you say it, but it just got run with and once… when you have that many people working on a product, and something gets taken the wrong way, everybody in trying to do their job, just spreads it.

Credit: WWE

He continues, “There was never an edict, there was never anything. It really was what it was, of just trying not to… if you’re showing a graphic, you don’t have to say, the title belt that says ‘Women’s’, the graphic that says ‘Women’s’, the announcers saying ‘Women’s’, so everybody is… but you get it. There are pictures of women there, you get what it is. You don’t have to beat it into the ground. It was more of, it just got run with and speculated on.”

So he pretty much summed up what ‘The Man’ was explaining prior to the spread of this rumor. To use “women” less in discussion.

Since the topic was stirred up in mid-January, the title has continued to be called the NXT Women’s Championship both on screen and on WWE’s official website.

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Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions.

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