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Trish Stratus Is Still Talking…

I’m back! I know y’all missed me, but I took a little hiatus; having 4 Biology tests in one week will do that to you! Seems like whenever I stop keeping up with the Divas,  big things start happening! TNA jabs WWE again, Ashley is hinting (again) at blessing us with her presence and curses out a teenager, Eve wrestled, Natalya gets drafted, and now Maria is set to spaz out on wrestle Michelle McCool this week! While looking around for some worthwhile news, I stumbled upon yet another Trish Stratus interview, this time by SLAM! Magazine. Check out this excerpt from the interview:

Q: Do you feel that women’s wrestling (such as the WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts) get the attention and respect that it deserves?
Trish: Currently, not as much as it used to get. I was lucky to have been a part of a time when women’s wrestling actually got quite a lot of attention and respect — sometimes as much or more than the men! It did however, take years for us to get there, so maybe the current views about women’s wrestling will see a shift over some time and get it back there. There’s definitely enough talent out there to help get it there.

Q: Who is one diva past or present that you wish you can or could have got in the ring and have a match with?
Trish: I think a match-up with Nattie Neidhart or Beth Phoenix would deliver some serious Stratusfaction!

Q: Any plans of returning, even for a limited run?
Trish: If the right scenario presented itself — like my recent return in Toronto — it was the right scenario to come out of retirement just to whoop Beth’s a**!

Q: Who do consider your greatest rival in wrestling?
Trish: Hands down — Lita.

I’m going to apologize in advance, but is anyone else getting really tired of listening to Trish talk? I mean, I’ll be the first to say she was phenomenal and I am a huge fan, but she retired about a year ago, faded away into obscurity, and now since her surprise return on Raw, hasn’t stopped talking about Beth and Natalya! Supposedly, there hasn’t been an effort on WWE’s part to extend any kind of offer to Trish to make an appearance at WrestleMania 25. However, things just seem to be up in the air at this point! Trish keeps talking about Beth and Natalya, Beth keeps talking about Natalya, and Natalya keeps talking about Trish. This little triangle could all be a ploy by the WWE to keep us guessing, but if it isn’t, then Trish is starting to look mighty desperate. As I’m pretty sure has been an established opinion by most of us including myself at Diva Dirt, a Trish appearance at WrestleMania would only detract away from the hard work that the other Divas have put forth over the past year. At any rate, all this Beth vs. Natalya, Trish vs. Beth, Natalya vs. Trish, and Beth vs. Trish vs. Natalya madness needs to stop! And Trish, either stay retired or don’t… but pick one!

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