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Trish vs Lita Makes Top 20 in Greatest Raw Matches Countdown

WWE has ranked the epic main event battle between Trish Stratus and Lita on the December 6th, 2004 episode of Raw as one of the greatest matches in Raw history.

Ahead of the flagship show’s 1000th episode on July 23rd, has been counting down the best 50 matches on Monday Night Raw — and Trish and Lita have ranked at a very respectable #16.

Speaking on the match, says: “Aside from the red-hot rivalry, what made this clash so outstanding were the daring maneuvers that shattered the mold of Divas matches. From a high-risk dive through the ropes to a back-breaking superplex, Lita electrified the crowd by venturing outside of the norm throughout the match. In a thrilling finish, Lita countered a Stratusfaction attempt and hit a reverse Twist of Fate, followed by a mighty moonsault off the top rope to end Trish’s 176-day title reign.”

Check out the full piece here.

Watch the match below:

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