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Two Knockout matches scheduled for IMPACT – Nevaeh to battle Tasha Steelz

Nevaeh made her in-ring debut last week and came out with a big win over Kimber Lee. The newly formed team of Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan sit at ringside with their popcorn and a “raggedy tragedy” sign as they become hecklers throughout the match.

Nevaeh ended up picking up the victory in her debut after a massive DDT. After the match, Havok would have a quick celebration with her tag team partner. This was a bit of a retribution to Kimber Lee getting the better of Havok previously.

Havok would be taunted at ringside by Steelz and Hogan as they throw popcorn in her face. Nevaeh would hold her back as the two escaped. This was the second run-in between these four and next week Nevaeh will get her hands on Steelz as they go one-on-one.

The second match scheduled is Taya Valkyrie vs. Susie.

Last week, Susie was seen backstage talking to Kylie Rae. She has been battling the thought of being good versus being bad. Every time she is good she feels people just step on her and maybe she should be bad as a result.

Rae tries to convince her she needs to be good and that she likes her the way that she is. Valkyrie interrupts and explains how much better it is to be bad. She calls them losers for being good. Valkyrie tries to explain to Susie how losers talk how Rae talks.

Susie says that losers don’t talk like that. For instance, Valkyrie wasn’t talking like that last week, which was Susie jabbing at her loss against Jordynne Grace. Valkyrie gives up trying to talk to the pair as she walks off.

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