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Two Weeks of FCW Spoilers for July

Spoilers for FCW’s television show for the next two weeks below:

July 11th:
* A vignette showing Liviana and Steve Keirn in his office as LIviana drops a pen. She bends over in front of Keirn to pick it up, Norman Smiley walked in and immediately tendered his resignation as GM. Rudy Parker walked in behind him and said he would like to be GM.

* Matt Martlaro interviewed FCW Diva’s Champion Naomi Night about her challenges as the champ… The interview was interrupted by Serena then AJ Lee. Serena engaged in a beatdown of Night and Lee did nothing to assist Night, nearly solidifying her heel turn.

July 18th:
* FCW Divas Title Triple Threat Match – Naomi Night defeated Serena & A.J. Lee when she pinned Serena. (Source:

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