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Two Wilson Divas?

Last month, we said goodbye to Torrie Wilson who rode off into the sunset after 7 years with WWE. Turns out that since her release, more new light is being shed about the infamous Al Wilson storyline. At the time of her release, a former WWE writer revealed he was responsible for Al’s “death” and now Dawn Marie has weighed in too!

The former Diva and ECW alumna revealed there were plans at one point to bring in Torrie’s sister to the WWE! Hmm, how do you feel about two Wilson women running wild on WWE? Read below:

One subject that James Guttman had to ask about was working with Al Wilson. Most outsiders who come in to WWE for a storyline wind up with past guests Rikishi or Mae Young sitting on their face. Al won the one-shot lottery and got to marry Dawn. He asks what it was like working with Torrie’s dad.

“It was a great experience. Al was such a great sport, wasn’t he?…When we were first talking about the storyline, they went to Torrie and they asked her, ‘Would you rather us hire an actor or would you rather we bring your father in – your real father?’ And she thought it would be a great opportunity to be able to have her real father come in. On the road you’re away so much and I think that’s what gave us such a great twist was that it was her real father. And just the surprised looks. There’s nothing like seeing your real father doing what he was doing.”

Dawn Marie goes on to speak about setting some of the spots up, the embarrassment she had around Torrie afterwards, what the boys said about it, and more. James then asks about the angle’s abrupt end. It seemed almost unfinished and there were a number of different directions people thought it could go in. Dawn answered:

“I think it was supposed to go further and to be honest with you, I think someone pissed somebody off and it just got ended.”

Dawn explains that she doesn’t know the truth, but she thought that’s the most likely reason for it to end as it did. She then reveals that at one point she knew they were contemplating bringing in Torrie’s sister for the angle too and doing a follow-up story centered around the inheritance.

She says she’s not sure who pissed someone off, but someone did. Guttman talks about the amount of people involved with writing the stories and it’s hard to pinpoint who causes its downfall at times. Dawn takes a guess at it:

“I know Paul Heyman had a lot to do with that angle and I’m sure he probably pissed somebody off or I pissed somebody off. I’m sure it was either me or him. (laughs) That’s about as honest as I can get. It just ended too abruptly for it to be any other reason.”

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