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Two WSU Shows Coming Up: Cards for King & Queen Tournament and J-Cup

iPer WSU:

[notice]STATE OF WSU FOR 4/9
WSU Returns Live With Another DOUBLE DVD Taping on 4/28. Tickets are now on sale at
Here is the info on this event:
WSU J-Cup Double DVD Taping
Doors Open: 4PM
Belltime: 5:00 PM First Show, 7PM second show
NYWC Sportatorium
435-13 Brook Avenue
Deer Park, New York 11729
All Tickets $25,and gives you access to both shows.
Email [email protected] to order or order off or
Matches Announced
For the WSU World Title
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez
For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie vs The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)
*Note: If Alicia & Savage win the tag titles on 4/14, they will defend the tag titles against The Soul Sisters on the second taping, as both are signed for the J-Cup tournament
Uncensored Rules Match
Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle
J-Cup Tournament
The Winner Gets a WORLD TITLE Shot on the 2nd DVD Taping Against Havok/Martinez Winner
April Hunter vs Nikki Syx
Alicia vs Lexus
Athena vs Christina Von Eerie
Brittney Savage vs Ezavel Suena
Former Spirit Champion & Former #1 Contender to the WSU World Championship, RAIN, has promised to make a major announcement on 4/28. Rain is scheduled to compete on 4/28.
The winner of the J-Cup will face the winner of Havok/Martinez on the second taping. Matches for the second taping will take place based on the fall-out of the J-CUP event.
Also appearing on 4/28: Annie Social, Kimber Lee, Bones & Roses, Rick Cataldo, Amy Lee, Jon Harder & More To Be Announced Soon!
With WSU completing its biggest show of all time, there is no stopping for a break, as WSU will run two shows in the month of April. WSU will team with NWS for the 7th Annual “King & Queen of the Ring” Tournament on 4/14 in Dunnellen, NJ. WSU will then return with a huge double DVD taping on 4/28, as we present the “6th Annual J-Cup Tournament”. Here is quick information on both events:
WSU/NWS King & Queen of the Ring Tournament
Saturday April 14, 2012
Belltime: 7:35 PM
Knights of Columbus Hall
647 Grove Street
Dunellen, NJ
Tickets $15 when you mention this ad
For Tickets, email [email protected] or call 732 888 1704
WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Marti Belle
WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie vs Alicia & Brittney Savage
King & Queen Tournament
8 Teams Will Fight For The Right To Be Named King & Queen of the Ring!
Rick Michaels & Jana
Jeff Cannonball & Nikki Syx
Jack Spade & Tina San Antonio
Austin Williams & Jessie Brooks
“Queen” Cataldo & JD Smoothie
Mike Dennis & Jenny Rose
Chris Steeler & Jennifer Cruz
Also in action, Gene Snitsky!
Check out Harold William’s 4/28 Preview here:
The promotion most dedicated to womens wrestling will be coming to the
NYWC Sportatorium (435-13 Brook Avenue) in Deer Park, NY on April 28th
for a double Women Superstars Uncensored DVD taping (5:00 PM Belltime
first Show, 7 PM Belltime second show). These will be the first tapings
since the 5th Anniversary show, which included a WSU World Title change
that ushered in the era of (Jessicka) Havok upon the company, so this is
sure to be an interesting night. Let’s take a look at the matches that
will be taking place, along with my opinions.

The WSU World Title will be on the line, as Jessicka Havok defends
against Mercedes Martinez. Havok ended Martinez’ three year reign to
become champion last month, and this match will be Martinez’ opportunity
to regain the title. However, this match is about much more than a
championship title. Sometimes, the line between what goes on in a
wrestling ring and what goes on backstage is blurred, and that is the
case with Havok and Martinez. There is heat between the two of them, and
that heat carries over into the ring when Havok and Martinez are inside
of it together. For the fans, this match will mostly be about the
championship. For WSU, this match will be about hoping Havok and
Martinez try to leave at least some their heat backstage. For Havok and
Martinez, it will be about having another chance to take their
frustrations out on each other. So expect ANYTHING to happen in this match.

The WSU Tag Team Title will also be on the line, with it’s defenders
hinging on who wins on April 14th between the teams of Allisyn Kay/Sassy
Stephanie and Alicia/Brittney Savage. They will defend against The Soul
Sisters (Jana & Latasha), who many feel lost the title in an unfair
fashion, with Kay & Stephanie cashing in a guaranteed title shot right
after the Sisters had won the title themselves. Although it’s safe to
assume that Jana & Latasha hope to have an opportunity to face Kay &
Stephanie on the 28th for a chance to gain a bit of revenge, no doubt
they are ready to go against either team.

Tina San Antonio and Marti Belle will face each other in an, “Uncensored
Rules” match. There is much history between the two women. As a team
they became WSU Tag Team Champions, however in recent months, they have
been acting like anything but a team. Ever since they lost the title
last year, Antonio and Belle have been pointing blame at each other.
They lost in their rematch for the title, and the final straw was their
losing a match to decide the new #1 contenders. Antonio and Belle have
competed in singles matches against each other in many promotions, but
with the rulebook thrown out the window this time, their match against
each other on April 28th may very well be their best one yet.

Also a part of this taping will be the J-Cup Tournament, WSU’s annual
tourney in which the winner receives a shot at the WSU Championship that
same evening. The first round match-ups will be as follows:

April Hunter vs. Nikki Syx
Alicia vs. Lexus
Athena vs. Christina Von Eerie
Brittney Savage vs. Ezavael Suena

Alicia and Brittney Savage are the only participants who have competed
in a J-Cup Tournament previously. In fact, they are both past winners of
the tournament. Currently tag-team partners, we may be seeing Alicia and
Savage as opponents by the end of the night. However, I think Lexus has
the best chance of winning the J-Cup Tournament. A key to winning the
tourney is to have enough stamina to carry yourself through three
matches in one night, and twice she has proven that she has the stamina
to do that. Last year, Lexus was the first entrant in the Uncensored
Rumble, and won it. She then went on to wrestle Mercedes Martinez for 73
minutes- the longest match in the history of womens wrestling.

Rain will be in action at this taping, but she also will be making a
major announcement. Fans and the pro-wrestling media alike are
speculating as to exactly what the announcement will be. WSU management
has commented that Rain is upset about the fact that she will not be a
part of the J-Cup Tournament this year, although it’s not known whether
or not this has anything to do with Rain’s announcement.

Also appearing on April 28th will be Annie Social, CZW star Kimber Lee,
Bones & Roses, Rick Cataldo, Amy Lee, Jon Harder, and more! Don’t miss
this WSU double taping- experience WSU action live!
——– has released many new DVDS recently. These titles include:
WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show iPPV DELUXE VERSION (Includes never before seen backstage footage and all the videos from Havok/Martinez leading to this event)
WSU Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Dixie Carter, Georgianne Makropolous, Jana & Cindy Rogers are all honored
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Mercedes Martinez
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Becky Bayless
Best of Mercedes Martinez Volume 2
Alicia & Brittney Savage FACE 2 FACE Shoot Interview
Best of Traci Brooks in WSU
Check out these titles and all the other titles at

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) (Official Twitter Page with daily updates) (WSU’s FREE Video Channel)
Thank you for taking time out to read and spread the word.[/notice]

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