Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Undefeated At Wrestlemania

AJ Lee, 2-0

Competed in: Wrestlemania 30 and 31.

Next up is the Black Widow of WWE with the the superpower of crazy. No matter the revisionist history WWE pulled after she left, she was ”The Woman” from 2012 to her retirement in 2015. During her run, she was able to finally defend the WWE Diva’s Title at the Showcase of the Immortals. After winning the title from Kaitlyn, AJ proceeded to mock, embarrass and defeat her fellow divas for 295 days.

Vickie Guerrero, with whom AJ had a history with, decided to stack the deck against AJ by having her defend the Diva’s Title against every active woman on the WWE main roster. She eventually was able to make Naomi submit to her Black Widow, and retained her belt. However, she was only fated to be champion one more day. She lost it to the woman who would be her partner the next year. With cervical spine injuries, it’ll be highly unlikely we will see AJ compete at Wrestlemania again.

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