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Undefeated At Wrestlemania

Sable, 3-0

Competed at Wrestlemania 14, 15, 20.

That’s right, the winningest woman in Wrestlemania history is Sable. When she first entered the WWF, she was to accompany Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring for what would be a rout by the Ultimate Warrior. After he lost, he berated Sable until he then-husband Marc Mero, made the save. She would become his manager, and when he was injured in 1997 and Sable, much to his chagrin, became a star. He began mistreating her, and eventually, he would enter into an alliance turned feud with Goldust and Luna Vachon. Luna would torment Sable and best her from pillar to post until Sable had enough and fought back.

There were catfights, name-calling, the men getting involved and at Wrestlemania 14, it all came to ahead. When Sable got in that ring, the crowd went crazy for her, and though she is not a wrestler, she did, Luna assisted, hand in a very good performance. It was the strength of Sable’s popularity that led to the reactivation of the Women’s Title and the Women’s Division.

Coming into Wrestlemania 15, Sable, who had been guest-starring on TV and posed in Playboy, developed an ego. She belittled women and was arrogant and self-centered and embarrassed her number one fan, Tori, time and again. Eventually, this led to a Women’s Title Match between the two of them, at which Sable defeated Tori with help from Nicole Bass. By June of that year, Sable was gone from the WWF and embroiled in a $120 million lawsuit over sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions, and the like.

Fast forward to 2003, and of all people, Sable was back. She had a nice mini-feud with Torrie Wilson and an iconic feud with Stephanie McMahon. In 2004, WWE turned Sable face and she and Torrie Wilson were to pose for Playboy together. This drew the ire of Stacy Keibler and Jackie Gayda, who felt they should have been the duo chosen. So make everyone feel better, they were all booked for a tag team ”Playboy Evening Gown” match. Sable would start the match with everyone disrobing because she was said to have had a chest injury, put the smackdown on Jackie, and let Torrie work the rest of the match. They won, they hugged, held hands and kissed. Even though she wasn’t really involved in the match, Sable’s record jumped to 3-0.

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