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Undefeated At Wrestlemania

Chyna, 2-0

Competed at: Wrestlemania 16, 17.

The Ninth Wonder of the World had been a part of Wrestlemania for years, but it wasn’t until Wrestlemania 2000 that she would compete herself. At the time aligned with Chris Jericho, she caught the eye of Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. His faction, The Radicalz, were feuding with Too Cool, Kurt Angle and Jericho & Chyna. So while Jericho battled Benoit and Angle, Chyna teamed with Too Cool to take on Malenko, Saturn, and Guerrero. Chyna got the hot tag and she cleaned house. Two back handspring elbows, low blows, powerbombs, military presses and low blows we’re given with authority. She picked up the win for her team in the first Intergender match ever at Wrestlemania. She would ultimately form a relationship with Eddie and pose for Playboy, which put her in the crosshairs of Right To Censor.

Coming into Chyna’s Wrestlemania X-7 feud, she had a very personal feud with WWF Women’s Champion Ivory. Ivory and RTC tried to make Chyna see the error of her ways, and when she refused, they broke her neck. Ivory would carry the feud with scathing promos and references to her handiwork while she battled other women for her title. We thought Chyna would give Ivory her receipt at Royal Rumble, but she re-injured her neck.

Ivory then boldly issued a challenge to Chyna on the condition she would sign a letter of indemnification absolving her of the blame should Chyna’s neck be injured again. Chyna agreed and also the stipulation of RTC being banned was added. Ivory went down to Chyna in spectacular fashion and held the Women’s Title until it was vacated in November. Having passed away in 2016, we will never be able to see Chyna grace a WWE ring again for another Wrestlemania moment.

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