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Unexpected debuts

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may have noticed or seen already, we are no longer doing our weekly Reduxes and PPV reviews as we want to stay on top of all the wonderful news in the women’s wrestling world. However, we still love to hear your opinions and see if they reflect ours… which means that I can reveal the return of Diva-Dirt’s Fast 5!

If you fancy a bit of nostalgia, just want to brush up on quirky women’s wrestling knowledge or even if you want to ridicule our choices then this is the place for you! Diva Dirt’s Fast 5 will take on a theme and present to you – in no particular order – five related things from the world of women’s wrestling.

What a better way to kick off the new Fast 5 than with a rundown of our top 5 ‘Unexpected Debuts’… since this is a debut of sorts! (Or is this a return?) Either way, news sites are forever poised and ready to get the tip off when someone is going to make their debut. Over recent years social media has changed the game with people revealing they are in arenas, but even still companies can still stay one step ahead of us.

Last month on RAW we saw the unexpected debuts of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville! A day later we then had the unexpected debuts of Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan on SmackDown Live. There were barely any leaks on social media, we had no signs of it across news sites and it seemed that they pulled of the surprise. However, this has happened a couple of other times across wrestling promotions, but while some debuts can be unexpected, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s memorable!

Let’s see who made this returning Fast 5!

Latest Posts

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