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Upcoming NXT Spoilers

WWE taped 4 weeks worth of NXT last night at Full Sail University. Spoilers below:

Episode 1 – Air date of May 8th, 2013:

* Paige def. Bayley with the Paige Turner. Bayley has AJ’s old theme ha! After the match Summer Rae attacks Paige from behind and lays her out.

Episode 2 – Air date of May 15th, 2013:

* Summer Rae def. Natalya with a roll up after Paige tried to distract Summer on the apron but Summer pushed Paige into her for the 1.2.3. After the match, Paige chased Summer to the back.

Episode 4 – Air date of May 29th, 2013:

* Dusty Rhodes comes out during the show with the NXT Divas Title and announces a tournament begins on May 23rd at the next tapings.

* Emma def. Audrey Marie. Emma is SOOOOO Over with the crowd. After match began, Emma begins to dance and the crowd loves it! Everyone is dancing and they love it. Emma wins with her submission move on Audrey for the win. After the match, Emma leads the crowd in for her dance.


* Kendall Skye is doing Ring Announcing for the middle portion of the show. On a funny note, The crowd tried to heckle Kendall as she tried to rile the crowd up they began to chant NO! NO! NO! to her but she kept calm and managed to handle things very well. Props to her! (Source: @LoudBrashMisfit on Twitter)


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