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Upcoming OVW Spoilers

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed this week’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky. This will be the final episode to air before their monthly Saturday Night Special event on June 1st. Spoilers below:

Pre-show Dark Match: Lovely Lylah vs. Lei’d Tapa – Lylah shoves Tapa, and Tapa shoves her back. Lylah runs off the ropes and runs into Tapa, but bounces off of her. Tapa throws Lylah in the corner and charges, but Lylah moves. She mounts Tapa and begins to punch her, but Tapa grabs her and powerbombs her. She starts the pin, but breaks it, and decides to deliver more punishment. Tapa kicks Lylah and places her in a headlock. She throws Lylah into the ropes and hits a big clothesline. Lylah tries to fire back with some forearm shots, and tries to roll Tapa up, but Tapa holds the ropes. She grabs Lylah and hits her spinning diamond cutter finisher for 3. WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

* Taeler is talking to Nikki St. John and it was hard to hear, but it appeared that Taeler & Nikki were working together to bring Heidi to their side, and were setting something up. We then see Jay Bradley arguing with Jessie Godderz about stealing his title shot. Jessie said anyone could sign that contract, except for Jay, and you can call him “Mr. Opportunity”. Jamin Olivencia walks in and says they think they’re so tough, but he can beat both of them and how about a 3-way match later tonight. Tony Gunn is then seen talking to Randy Royal about Randy throwing Dylan Bostic over the top rope last week. Royal says it was a fluke and tells Gunn he is taking care of business and to trust him. They bump fists. We then see Heidi approach Taeler & Nikki. Taeler tells Heidi that Trina has been saying things behind her back about her & Taeler.

* OVW WOMEN’S TITLE: Epiphany (w/Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger) vs. Trina (c) – Epiphany kicks Trina and then does a headlock takedown. Epiphany with a slam and a powerslam, followed by a splash in the corner. She only gets 2. Trina starts to fire back, but Epiphany kicks her and goes for her finisher, but Trina slides out and hits a faceplant DDT for 3. WINNER: TRINA by pinfall.

* In the back, Heidi catches Trina as she comes back through the curtain. She says she’s heard about all the stuff she said behind her back and challenges her to a match at SNS for the OVW Women’s Title.

Post-show Dark Match: Nikki St. John & Taeler Hendrix vs. Holly & Hannah Blossom – Holly starts with Taeler and Taeler & Nikki take the early advantage. Holly finally gets the hot tag to Hannah. Hannah with a back elbow and a forearm to Nikki. Hannah suplexes Nikki for 2. Taeler & Nikki try to double team Hannah, but Holly grabs Taeler from the outside and pulls her out. Nikki turns around into a Blossom Kick for 3. WINNERS: BLOSSOMS by pinfall. (Source)

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