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Update on AJ Lee/Michelle Beadle Incident

A few sources have followed up on this morning’s report that an incident backstage at Tribute to the Troops had Divas Champion AJ Lee in hot water.

The initial report stated that AJ had “freaked out” on Tribute to the Troops host Michelle Beadle after she was seen speaking to Lee’s boyfriend CM Punk.

Wrestling News World had claimed that the incident was actually something intended to be filmed for the WWE App, and that Beadle and those in the vicinity were not aware that AJ was in character.

PWInsider, meanwhile, has published a lengthy article containing what they say is the full story. They report that AJ had approached Beadle after she said something to upset Punk. This, they say, was “not out of jealousy but because Beadle had spoken to Punk in a disrespectful manner.”

While Beadle’s comment towards Punk is not yet known, it is said that AJ responded by telling her “she was not to speak to Punk in such a manner again and if she did, there would be issues between the two.” Beadle then reported the incident to WWE officials.

An unnamed wrestler spoke directly to PWInsider, saying that anyone who claims that AJ raised her voice to Beadle “is a liar.”

With the importance WWE places on celebrities, this brought heat on AJ. As the unnamed source explains, “celebs are untouchable in the backstage scene. WWE wants them more than they need any wrestler, so automatically, the wrestler is going to be wrong here, even when [Lee] isn’t really.”

You can read the full article on PWInsider.

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